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10 Chikan Association

10 Chikan AssociationGenres:
Rape, Yuri, Group,

Description: There are nine men and a single woman called 'Chikan Juu Nin Tai' (the 10 pursuers). They make their client's dreams come true, that wish to be 'pursued' on a train.

A Forbidden Time

A Forbidden TimeGenres:
Rape, Shota, Humiliation, Domination,

Description: Saki, a high school senior girl, decides to work as a babysitter/tutor for the neighbor children while their parents are absent. Little did she know what lies ahead of her as she walks into the house of three lust-filled and curious junior high school boys. A tale of unusual sexual debauchery and humiliation begins.

A Time to Screw

A Time to ScrewGenres:
Domination, Bondage, Rape,

Description: After a young man wakes up in a mansion. After being told that by the maids that he was carried here after being hit on the head, a grandfather clock that quit working starts up again. And at the strike of Midnight all maids get overcome by desire and all manner of disturbing orgies are taken.

Accelerando: Datenshi-tachi no Sasayaki

Accelerando: Datenshi-tachi no SasayakiGenres:
Dildos, Vibrators, Group, Masturbation, Rape, Shota, SmallBreasts,

Description: Waitress Tamaki has sex with her playmate Kurono at the cafe she works for. Ignorant of their relationship, their common friend, Ohashi, visits the cafe as usual to see Tamaki whom he secretly loves. However, Kurono notices Ohashi's feelings. In order to incite him into confessing his feelings to her, Kurono molests Tamaki and makes her wait on him as she is. As she was sexually excited, she gives off a female's scent, which, in turn, excites Ohashi. Meanwhile, Tomoe, a friend of Kurono's appears. Will Ohashi be able to confess his love to Tamaki?

Advancer Tina

Advancer TinaGenres:
Horror, ScienceFiction, Supernatural, Alien, Rape,

Description: In exchange for clearing her 200-year prison sentence, Tina Owen is recruited to explore Omega 13 - a planetary system yet to be discovered, as many who have traveled there never survived. Joining her on this perilous journey are a mercenary named Akira and a mysterious girl named Frill.

After Class Lesson

After Class LessonGenres:
School, Rape, Teacher, Humiliation,

Description: Shibui Ryuji is a teacher of a girl school whose students are born in well-off families. All students hate him because of his figure and perverted nature. However, he happens to know the weakness of Tenkawa Ayumi, so he raped her. Tasting blood, he begins to rape his students, one after another taking advantages of their weakness.

Ai no Katachi

Ai no KatachiGenres:
Lolicon, Rape,

Description: The secret world behind the amateur porn magazines. Young girls discover that is really easy to make money working for some guys that take photos of their sexual life. And some of them just get too hot by thinking of the many readers that will see their sinful acts that go crazy and wild.


Tentacles, Bondage, Rape, Domination, Yuri,

Description: Young men and women are supposed to be interested in the opposite sex. They're supposed to be interested in sex, period. But the students at the prestigious Nobel Academy have been exhibiting unusually strong urges lately. When one of the female scholars spends her entire summer vacation masturbating in her room, her father calls on the Central Genetic Research Institute for help. Special Agent Akiko is assigned to investigate forthwith, and goes 'undercover' to discover exactly what possesses the student body.

Alien from the Darkness

Alien from the DarknessGenres:
Adventure, Rape, Horror, ScienceFiction, Domination, Tentacles, Yuri,

Description: The all female crew of the transport ship Muse is on a mission in deep space. They pick up an SOS signal and discover a derelict space cruiser where all the women have died mysteriously. They take the only survivor, a young woman named Flair, and detonate the ghost ship. However, the danger is just beginning. With Flair on the Muse, the romances between the women begin to take a new turn. One by one, the crewmembers are attacked by a mysterious alien presence, desperate to find a way to reproduce with human women.

Anal Sanctuary

Anal SanctuaryGenres:
Fantasy, Rape, Tentacles, Yuri,

Description: Under the violin of St. Cecilia Acadamy lies an evil monster that feeds off your colon and grants power to the one who plays Kannone, the demon violin. The headmaster of the school starts a program that gathers all the most beautiful girls to his class, but now Yukina has the holy violin of St. Cecilia and will get revenge.

Anata no Shiranai Kangofu: Seiteki Byoutou 24 Ji

Anata no Shiranai Kangofu: Seiteki Byoutou 24 JiGenres:
Yuri, Rape, Nurses,

Description: The main character has been hospitalized for medical checkup. As nurses take care of him kindly, his sexual desire gradually becomes bigger... "If they took care of my sexual desire as well, it would be great..." One day, he receives an email from someone unknown. "Do you know what will happen to the girls who have been sexually insulted completely?" The email arouses his sexual desire, and he finally starts raping the nurses...

Angel Blade

Angel BladeGenres:
Bestiality, BigBust, Bondage, Rape, Domination, Futunari, Uncensored,

Description: In the slight future, the earth is covered in chemical smog. War and oppression lead the world now with Dark Mother, an organization built on mechanizing the world's women. The adventures of the amazingly voluptuous super heroine! No criminal has ever withstood the incredible sexiness of the amazing Angel Blade. But now the jiggling juggernaut of justice is targeted by a criminal organization with only one initiative: the complete domination of Angel Blade!

Angel Blade Punish

Angel Blade PunishGenres:
Bestiality, BigBust, Bondage, Rape, Domination, Futunari, Uncensored,

Description: Moena was a normal college girl until she discovered that she had special powers hidden within her body by her father. When Dark Mother and her army of sexy demom women threaten the virgins of the world, Moena transforms into the naked masked heroine Angel Blade. Moena's stepmother, the weightly endowed Kyoka, is kidnapped by Dark Mother. With the help of a team of barely dressed heroines, Angel Blade storms the demon's stronghold. With the help of the dark-skinned succubus Nail, a former villian, they reach the heart of evil and face off with Dark Mother herself.

Angel Of Darkness

Angel Of DarknessGenres:
Rape, Domination, Bondage, Fantasy,

Description: Atsuko and Sayaka think they have it made when they are both accepted into the same prestigious women`s academy. There, they will be free to explore the intense passion of their relationship, unbounded. But when the mystical bonds imprisoning a hideous ancient evil that feeds on the lust of nubile women are accidentally broken, the two young lovers soon learn they have more to fear than final exams.


BigBreasts, Rape, Demons, Angels, Yuri, Loli, Possession,

Description: Zeus is an old god that's always trying to have 'fun' behind Hera's back. Three pretty angels have caught his eye and he'll do anything to explore the possibilities of an angelic night of eros. But he's got to be sly or Hera will have his head. Perhaps it's time to put these angels through some challenges on Earth where Zeus might be able to go unnoticed.

Armored Knight Iris

Armored Knight IrisGenres:
ScienceFiction, Aliens, Futanari, Mecha, Rape,

Description: A female mecha knight team is stranded behind enemy lines. They are in for a dangerous and titillating experience.

Asa kara Zusshiri Milk Pot

Asa kara Zusshiri Milk PotGenres:
Rape, Loli,

Description: The life of a futanari girl and the various indecent acts she commits in order to temper her uncontrollable sexual urges.

Ashita no Yukinojou

Ashita no YukinojouGenres:
Romance, School, Sports, Loli, Rape,

Description: Kasuga Serina is a cheerful girl and enjoys her school life. One day, she meets a handsome transfer student, Yukimura Yukinojo, who acts as if he were indifferent of others. Despite his behavior, she cannot help caring about him.

Atelier Kaguya Core Mix Collection

Atelier Kaguya Core Mix CollectionGenres:
Futanari, Yuri, Rape,

Description: It's mix of sex scenes from Kindan no Byoutou The Animation, Magical Witch Academy and Saishuu Chikan Densha Next

Ayatsuri Ningyou

Ayatsuri NingyouGenres:
Loli, School, Rape,

Description: Shigeki is quite a normal student who constantly searches for adventures with young women.

Bakunyuu Bomb

Bakunyuu BombGenres:
Oppai, BigBreasts, Lactating, Rape, Nurse, Group,

Description: A nurse that takes the job one step further by making her patients happy with special treatement. A housewive who is decieved by one of her neighboors to sign an unpayable debt and then she falls in the hand of the yakuza who make her perform as a sex toy. And a female teacher that can't hold her desires any longer and get herself some pleasure in the school bath but she was caught by some students and now she's the most popular sex dump of town.

Bakunyuu Maid Kari

Bakunyuu Maid KariGenres:
BigBreasts, Futanari, Bondage, Rape, Maids,

Description: Miyako Misaki is hired by her schoolmate Ai to work by her side at a maid cafe. But none of them know that somewhere in Akihabara an underground organisation called 'Maid masters' abduct young waitresses to confine and rape them...

Beat Blades Haruka

Beat Blades HarukaGenres:
Yuri, Rape, Bukkake, Futanari, Orgy, Demons,

Description: Takamaru is a student at the Ten Treasure Academy, living an ordinary school life, seeking romances which are constantly interfered by Shihoudou Narika (the daughter of his apartment manager). One day, he fell in love at first sight with a transfer student named Takamori Haruka. On that very night, Takamaru and Narika became pursued by a group of mysterious ninja. Just when they thought all hope is lost, Haruka appeared in kunoichi attire. Haruka referred to Takamaru as 'young boss', and asked him to do H stuff towards her. This gave her superhuman power that enabled her to defeat the mysterious ninjas.

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed DoorsGenres:
Domination, Bondage, Rape,

Description: Somewhere, there is a forbidden mansion, a house of unspeakable erotic pleasures. Behind each door, a beautiful woman lies in wait for a man's touch. But these voluptuous vixens have an appetite for pain and punishment that compels even the strongest to beg for mercy! What man can withstand the unbearable pleasure, and rule the harem as his own?

Bi-Indoushi Miija: Injoku no Gakuen

Bi-Indoushi Miija: Injoku no GakuenGenres:
Group, Demons, School, Rape,

Description: A pentagram appears in the school grounds of St. Moses Academy, and the demon of lust Mija is unleashed into the world to resurrect the dark paradise on earth once more. Her role is to covert humans to her debauchery... to reveal the hidden lusts and carnal pleasures to her human converts.

Bible Black

Bible BlackGenres:
Horror, Supernatural, Futanari, School, Domination, Incest, BigBreasts, Bondage, Rape, Orgy, Yuri,

Description: Minase, a high school student, found a book of magic in an isolated room in his school. He started practicing black magic that has extreme sexual effects that benefited him and some of his friends. Intrigued, Minase got deeper and deeper into using the craft, not realizing the evils that will come forth. Eventually, the origins of the book was revealed, and so did the incident twelve years ago on the night of the Walpurgis, the night when the power of evil is at its strongest. After coming to his senses, Minase struggles to get himself out of the darkness that he had put himself into.

Bible Black Only

Bible Black OnlyGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Domination, Futunari, Yuri, BigBreasts,

Description: Bible Black Only explores the sexual misadventures of the supporting cast from the main Bible Black series. Miss Takashiro reminisces on her demonic capture, Itoh reveals her sadistic side, and Saeki is stalked by her classmates.

Bible Black Origins

Bible Black OriginsGenres:
Horror, Supernatural, Futanari, School, Domination, Incest, BigBreasts, Bondage, Rape, Orgy, Yuri,

Description: Twelve years prior to it's discovery by Minase, the origins of the magic book with dark,sensuous powers is revealed. Initially owned by a female student, Takashiro, who, along with other curious students form the first magic club on campus. The club begins to use the erotic spells to carry out favors for fellow students, and vengeance. After underestimating the powers behind the book, Takashiro is taken out of the picture, as a new leader guides the club towards a darker course, one that will force school newcomer Kitami to make a dire choice.

Bible Black: New Testament

Bible Black: New TestamentGenres:
Domination, BigBreasts, Bondage, Futanari, Rape, Yuri, School, Horror, Supernatural,

Description: Years after Minase had defeated Miss Kitami, all the ladies of the Witchcraft School have graduated and have gone their seperate ways. The story revolves around Imari who is a psychic investigator leading a team on a murder investigation that will awaken the soul of Miss Kitami within her.

Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai

Bikyaku Seido Kaichou AiGenres:
Rape, BigBreasts, Oppai,

Description: No synopsis has been added for this series yet.

Bizarre Cage

Bizarre CageGenres:
Domination, Bondage, Rape,

Description: It's another day on the job for Takeshi Saito. He recently started working as a security guard for a high-tech amisement park called Fantasien. However, a bad day at work quickly spirals into a nightmarish maze of murder and mystery. It starts when Saito accidentally breaks a guidance display at work. Saito and Tamami are called into the office of Ms. Amano, his sexy boss. Makoto Kashiwara is sent out to repair the display. However, Kashiwara stumbles across a dark secret...

Black Gate

Black GateGenres:
Fantasy, Supernatural, Rape, Yuri, Uncensored,

Description: Narifumi Hosokawa prepares for his high school's culture festival with the Kadomori twins, Shizuku and Kasumi. While everyone is distracted, Shizuku decides to open a mysterious gate through the use of magic and travel to an alternate world. She has broken the oath of her family's heritage, as to protect the Black Gate from those who seek the enormous power that lies within the world. The remaining defenders of the Black Gate, consisting of female students and a female teacher, must travel through to the other side and return before any distruptions come to either dimension. However, Narifumi accompanies the group and Shizuku is waiting for them with some new allies.

Black Widow

Black WidowGenres:
Domination, Bondage, Rape,

Description: An erotic camping trip takes a turn for the wild when Seiya discovers a mystery mansion in the woods. Excitement turns to thrills of terror as her friends begin to disappear. Too late, they realize they are trapped in the clutches of the Black Widow, a deadly temptress who lures unsuspecting victims into a web of lust, intrigue, and murder.

Blackmail II

Blackmail IIGenres:
Blackmail, Humiliation, Rape,

Description: Asuka and Ryosuke decide to get married. However, Asuka gets abducted by a group of men right after the wedding, gang-raped and thrown into a world of sexual slavery. It got worse when Asuka's mother and little sister were also thrown into this horrible world with her.

Blackmail: Tomorrow Never Ends

Blackmail: Tomorrow Never EndsGenres:
Blackmail, Humiliation, Rape, Domination, School, Anal,

Description: Aya believed that Yumiko was her best friend, but when Aya develops a crush on the boy Yumiko loves, Yumiko decides to exact some revenge. Compromising photos of Aya turn the innocent girl into a helpless sex slave, but Yumikos desire for revenge doesnt end there. Ayas friends and even family have to suffer as well! Yumiko and her male friends blackmail the girls into every form of depraved and humiliating situation imaginable. With friends like these, Aya will never need enemies!

Blind Night

Blind NightGenres:
Yuri, Rape, School, Nuns,

Description: When Yoji, a college student finds a demonic book, he decides to follow its writings and make a female student - Rie, his sexual slave. However, he's not satisified with only one slave.

Blood Royale

Blood RoyaleGenres:
Tentacles, Rape, Scat,

Description: Two Princesses are try to run away from their homelands only to end up in the hands of a pirate majoring in sexual training. This is a story about how these two persevere and get through this torture.

Boku no Yayoi-san

Boku no Yayoi-sanGenres:
Rape, Bondage, Humiliation,

Description: It has been 5 years since Hiro's older brother passed away, and during those years, he has been living with his brother's widow, Yayoi. Fast forward to the present, Hiro's feelings for Yayoi is brighter than ever. Will he be able to confess his feelings towards her? Will Yayoi be able to reciprocate said feelings?

Bondage 101

Bondage 101Genres:
Bondage, Rape, Domination, School, Group, Magic, Uncensored,

Description: An elite high school had another face hid in the dark side. In return for sending sex salves to the collages, they received a lot of money as contributions. Those who trained sex slaves were disposable teachers (trainers) who could keep the secrets. They hired talented men as temporary teaches to train. If they found a promising person, they asked him his will and made him take a test. The test was to lecture those who were defined as problem students. However, 'lecture' is merely nominal, and actually it was training for sex slaves. If he achieved a good result, he would get a qualification of teacher (trainer).

Bondage Game

Bondage GameGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Bigbreasts, Domination, Futanari,

Description: Yuu is a girl who has lost her memories. She is mailed into a sadistic house of bondage where she and others are forced (or not) to serve their master, Renji, but there are serious consequences for those who fail.

Bondage House

Bondage HouseGenres:
Bondage, Domination, Rape,

Description: Private detective Takayasu Higishino rescues Ayane from two men who cornered her in an alley. Ayane is startled by Takayasu’s appearance, he looks just like her presumedly dead brother Shingo. Shingo’s car accident occured under strange circumstances, and Ayane has hired Takayasu to help her find out what really happened. Takayasu suspects Ayane’s family maybe involved, so he heads back with Ayane to her family mansion, posing as Shingo, hoping to uncover the truth.

Bondage Mansion

Bondage MansionGenres:
Bondage, Domination, Rape,

Description: Yukio Mimura and Reika Uehara live in there family's mansion peacefully. They have feelings for each other and are sure that they will live happy together. One night, Hayato Mimura, their cousin, arrives saying he wants them out of the house. Yukio doesn't agree with this and begins to think of any way they could settle this. Hayate comes up with a contest that their fathers did to win the house before them. That contest is to see who can be the first one to break Reika. Whoever breaks her, will be the winner and keeper of the house.

Bondage Queen Kate

Bondage Queen KateGenres:
Bondage, Domination, Rape,

Description: Kate is the voluptuous, virginal new recruit for the Federal Space Army Security Police. Although shes the newest detective in the galaxy police force, shes eager to prove her worth as an undercover agent. Her first assignment is to track down the villains who have been snatching up and raping all the young women of the hot desert planet, Doune. Will she become their next victim? Can she keep her virtue intact while infiltrating their den of ill repute? No mission is too dangerous, no disguise too skimpy, no sexual exploitation too deviant, for our girl Kate to handle!

Bride of Darkness

Bride of DarknessGenres:
Action, Maids, Domination, Rape, Demons,

Description: A young servant, Sanshiro, who has fallen in love with his master's daughter, Momoyo, tortures himself with lustful thoughts as he spies on the buxom young woman from a hole in her ceiling. Full of despair on the day her fiance returns from abroad to take her away, Sanshiro watches in amazement as Momoyo and her fianc'e engage in some depraved S&M activities with each other and various members of the house. As time passes, Sanshiro becomes convinced that these bizarre rituals are designed to summon some sort of demon, and he takes it upon himself to stop Momoyo's fiance from destroying the woman he loves.

Buta Hime-sama

Buta Hime-samaGenres:
Demons, BigBreasts, Yuri, Shota, Rape, Tentacles, Incest,

Description: Basically, there's this queen who ends up being attacked by demons, they rape her and one of her subjects, they end up doing each other, then her subject brings in her son to join in.

Buta no Gotoki

Buta no GotokiGenres:
Oppai, GiantBreasts, Lactation, Monsters, Rape, Domination, Shota, Titfuck,

Description: Known fully as: "Buta no Gotoki Sanzoku ni Torawarete Shojo wo Ubawareru Kyonyuu Himekishi & Onna Senshi: Zettai Chinpo Nanka ni Maketari Shinai!! The Animation" Based on the erotic game by Erectlip.


Rape, Sciencefiction, Tentacles, Parasite,

Description: Dr. Yamagishi was expelled from an academic society because he had tried to make a human clone. Next theme of his study was a new human species Cambrian. He made himself a test target. However, he turned into a chunk of grotesque flesh, and it began to rape women by its tentacles.

Cartagra: Tsuki Gurui no Yamai

Cartagra: Tsuki Gurui no YamaiGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: The hero of this story is Takashiro Shugo. An ex-police officer that is now unemployed and freeloading at a brothel. From time to time he takes on detective work from his former superior. As the story starts off, a missing persons case is dumped onto him. The person he is supposed to find is Kohzuki Yura. A girl he had an intimate relationship with before being sent off to war. While all this is being played out, a series of brutal killings occur in the background. As they strike closer to home, Shugo is no longer able to turn a blind eye and is dragged into the spiraling web of events.

Castle Fantasia

Castle FantasiaGenres:
Romance, Magic, Rape, Yuri,

Description: A young knight named Varu has a very beautiful girlfriend and is very happy with her. However, one day their kingdom get involved in a war, and the girl's parents die in it. After some time, an unknown religious organization appears in the city. Varu's girlfriend is in such a grief after the death of her parents, that she decides the world has nothing to offer to her, joins the adepts of the new religion, and leaves the city. Varu becomes very depressed after this separation, but when he learns the religious group which took away his girlfriend became an evil cult that kidnaps girls and seeks resurrection of demons. But even more awful is the fact his ex-girlfriend is now the leader of this cult...

Chains of Lust

Chains of LustGenres:
Domination, Incest, BigBreasts, Bondage, Rape, Yuri, Magic,

Description: Blackmail, lust, and unspeakable acts are performed in a secret room when two adult video store workers create their own erotic film with a cast of unwilling women. Soon the police start sniffing around the scene, but not to stop the illicit movie magic, they want a piece of the action.

Chijoku Kankin: Ochita Tenshi-tachi

Chijoku Kankin: Ochita Tenshi-tachiGenres:
Nurses, Domination, Rape,

Description: Nurse hentai.

Chikan Juunin Tai The Animation

Chikan Juunin Tai The AnimationGenres:
Rape, Yuri, Group,

Description: There are nine men and a single woman called 'Chikan Juu Nin Tai' (the 10 pursuers). They make their client's dreams come true, that wish to be 'pursued' on a train.

Chikan no Licence

Chikan no LicenceGenres:
Chikan, BigBreasts, Rape, Yuri,

Description: Based on a game by Black Rainbow and C:drive.

Chinetsu Karte: The Devilish Cherry

Chinetsu Karte: The Devilish CherryGenres:
Rape, Nurse, Domination,

Description: Chinetsu Karte is a tale about a young man who seduces the very beautiful nurse assigned to his room while he's in the hospital. He soon has her coming back again and again until she becomes his sex slave. In time, he makes a move on other nurses and even on one of the female doctors in the hospital until they, too, come under his spell.

Choukou Sennin Haruka

Choukou Sennin HarukaGenres:
Yuri, Rape, Bukkake, Futanari, Orgy, Demons,

Description: Takamaru is a student at the Ten Treasure Academy, living an ordinary school life, seeking romances which are constantly interfered by Shihoudou Narika (the daughter of his apartment manager). One day, he fell in love at first sight with a transfer student named Takamori Haruka. On that very night, Takamaru and Narika became pursued by a group of mysterious ninja. Just when they thought all hope is lost, Haruka appeared in kunoichi attire. Haruka referred to Takamaru as “young boss”, and asked him to do H stuff towards her. This gave her superhuman power that enabled her to defeat the mysterious ninjas.

City of Sin

City of SinGenres:
Rape, Bondage, SexSlave,

Description: There goes the neighborhood! A barbaric warrior king seizes the beautiful Queen Beatrice. As his soldiers ravage her kingdom, they introduce the city wenches to a variety of exotic sexual acts. Soon, the haughty queen and her handmaids are begging for more, and the city becomes a carnal capital of debauchery and lust!

Classroom of Atonement

Classroom of AtonementGenres:
Psychological, Drama, Rape, Gangbang, Uncensored,

Description: Nanase's father has just been arrested for murder. While his guilt remains in question, a perverted gang of Nanase's classmates have already passed judgment, and are punishing her for her father's crimes. To atone for his sins, she must obey their every sexual command to satisfy their twisted desires. At school, in her room, even on a crowded train, no matter where they are, Nanase must pleasure them in any way possible. But not all of Nanase's classmates can be so easily satiated. Someone's publishing very detailed articles about her nightly lustful escapades in a special Atonement Newspaper.

Cool Devices

Cool DevicesGenres:
Anal, Bakunyuu, Bondage, Maid, Incest, Parallel, Universe, Rape, Torture, Violence,

Description: Welcome to a series of tapes the likes of which youve never seen before! Strong stories, highly charged with erotic content are all presented without Japans export censorship (as they were intended to be seen). They do not follow a single story. They break all the rules. They are Cool Devices. They arent for kids, but they might be for you if you have the guts. Welcome to a new world... and be sure to wash your hands when youre done.

Crimson Climax

Crimson ClimaxGenres:
Rape, Loli, Psychological, Supernatural, SexSlave, Murder,

Description: Lured to a cursed island by a carnal cult, victims are brought to the throes of ecstasy, then brutally sacrificed in a bloody occult ritual. When sexy Ryo visits her late mother's island home, she's in for a terrifying surprise. Can she escape with her life and her virtue intact.

Crimson Girls: Chikan Shihai

Crimson Girls: Chikan ShihaiGenres:
Rape, Chikan,

Description: The Crimson Girls protect women from train molesters. Mitsu, one of the two members, caught the attention of a unique man who could make a woman orgasm with just a touch. He and some of his friends trap Mitsu on the train and brought her to the hotel where she was tortured and had her virginity taken. Now that one of the Crimson Girls has succumbed to his will, his next target is Saki.

Crying Freeman

Crying FreemanGenres:
Action, Adventure, Drama, MartialArts, Rape,

Description: Yo Hinomura was an ordinary Japanese potter when a run-in with a Chinese mafia changed his life forever. Now an assassin for the 108 Dragons, Yo is the perfect killing machine. As a sign for remorse over his victims, he sheds tears after eliminating his targets. Because of this, he is infamously known by the Dragons and every crime syndicate in the world as "Crying Freeman."

Custom Slave

Custom SlaveGenres:
Rape, Domination, Humiliation, SexSlave,

Description: Based on the game by Kiss. Arisugawa Academy. An all-girl school well known for its high standards with the upper class. However, there is a dark side to this educational facility. The Chairman of the academy, Takahashi Hiroaki, is actually a member of a secret organization whose prime objective is to cater to the sexual desires of government officials. Mutsuki Sayoko has fallen into the hands of this sinister being, who leads her to the path of libido. A high-class, well-behaved student or a horny, wicked sex slave... which is the true her?


BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: Based on the erotic game by Undermoon.

Daiakuji: The Xena Buster

Daiakuji: The Xena BusterGenres:
BigBreasts, Yuri, Rape, Group, School, Loli, Demons, Ninja, Doctor, Android,

Description: Akuji Yamamoto noticed that the world is a totally different place after his release from prison. He experiences Osaka as something very new and strange after he got out of prison. During his imprisonment, the hierarchal structure flipped upside down, making it a world where the women dominated over men. Militia, churches, businesses and private businesses are operated by a female figure. Men were powerless, being controlled and enslaved by the women in Osaka. Being angered by the situation, Akuji and his partner Satsu begin their payback by teaching the stuck-up women in Osaka a little lesson...


Shota, Rape, BigBreasts, Uncensored,

Description: Two large countries, Leben and Carnea, had been ruled by the kings who were men of character, and people in these countries had been living peacefully. However, Leben suddenly intruded into Carnea, and the two countries began to war. The even fights had continued for more than six months, but when the king of Carnea died of illness, gradually Leben got the better of Carnea. In these days, a man in a black suit visited Carnea. He had been a vice leader of the Carnea Knights, Claude, who had suddenly disappeared eight years before. His appearance had changed completely, and that made them suspicious. But when he said he had a plan to beat Leben, they gave their ears to him.He said that they would hire experienced mercenary solders, and that the queen and princesses would sell their bodies to earn money. The queen and her daughter accepted his plan, and they began to take his 'lessons'.


Rape, Dildos, Vibrators,

Description: Shinji Yagami had always heard the rumors about female students being raped on campus - everyone did. Of course he never believed them until the day he stumbled across a website showing detailed pictures of female students being assaulted in the classrooms. Shocked to find himself turned on by what he sees, Shinji begins his descent into a world of voyeurism, S&M, and rape guided by fellow sadist Satoshi Kojima. When Shinjis childhood friend Miku Iino begins to suspect that he may be involved with the string of campus rapes, she decides to confront him. Torn between his own dark desires and the horror of his crimes, will Shinji continue to hide his secret from Miku, or will she become the next target of his vicious desires?

Dark Blue

Dark BlueGenres:
Rape, BigBreasts,

Description: Based on the erotic game by Lilim Darkness.

Dark Love

Dark LoveGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Tentacles, Uncensored,

Description: Tetsuya's investigation into a luxurious hotel turns over a nest of yakuza and a bizarre orgy cult. On rich silk sheets and velvet chairs, the rich and powerful participate in sex acts so depraved that just witnessing them is likely to turn a man into a monster. But the true purpose of this cult is a pact with evil energies that can literally turn Tetsuya into an inhuman demon.

Dark Shell: Lust in the Cage

Dark Shell: Lust in the CageGenres:
Drama, Psychological, Military, Rape, War,

Description: A gang of soldiers have their way with women are under their protection. The women and the soldiers are trapped in enemy territory, and they must find a way to rejoin their main force if they are to survive the war.

Dark Tours

Dark ToursGenres:
Rape, Domination,

Description: Rina was working for a travel agency where she was in charge of the 'Onihime-mairi' tour. She would be showing Matsusawa village, famous for its spiritual legends. Horror loving couples and groups would participate in a spooky day, and it seemed to be a fresh start for Rina. However, this tour was planned by the tour participants. In a lonely village in the mountains, the girls would be taken to new heights by the sexual desires of the men IN their group. Little did she know the spirits were controlling all of them.


Comedy, Domination, SliceofLife, BigBreasts, Cosplay, Tentacles, Bondage, Rape, Yuri,

Description: Jun Kitano is a hentai manga artist who just got married to his long-time assistant Miyuki. One day, a chief editor named Sonoko Mifuji comes to his house and asks him to come up with an entirely new manga in less than a month. Failure to do so will result in the publisher getting his way with Sonoko. Jun decides to take the job, as he and Miyuki have a secret method to complete any manga in record time.

Debt Sisters

Debt SistersGenres:
Rape, Domination, Bondage, Incest, School,

Description: Kaho and Kasumi are sisters indebted to the yakuza. A student learns of their predicament and decides to pay off their debt for a certain price; they must become his sex slaves until he sees that their debt is clear.

Debts of Desire

Debts of DesireGenres:
Rape, Magic, Uncensored,

Description: Masaki's in trouble. His rich father is about to disown him! But he's still got one last chance: if he can collect on some old unpaid debts, then all will be forgiven. Masaki may be a slacker, but he's quick to realize that the fastest way to collect is to go after the debtors' hot, busty daughters! And so, Masaki's 'game' begins. The rules? If the girls can't pay back the debt, they have pay up with all sorts of sexual favors. They'll have to cater to his every carnal demand, fulfill his every fetish. Masaki may not be collecting much money, but he doesn't care: he's surrounded by girls moaning in pleasure and begging for more!

Demon Beast Resurrection

Demon Beast ResurrectionGenres:
Demons, Rape, Tentacles, Monsters, Loli, Orgy,

Description: From the radioactive emptiness of space comes the Demon Beast. A hideous alien monster, the Beast shares a psychic link with the beautiful Earth woman, Kayo. Bound by a forbidden past and a horrifying erotic encounter, she is destined to lure the Beast back to a helpless Earth. Her tortured soul cries out across dimensions, calling the Demon Beast to begin his reign of bloodlust, carnage, and terror...

Demon Warrior Koji

Demon Warrior KojiGenres:
Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Demons, Rape,

Description: Stuntman by day, Sex Murder Investigation Officer by night, Koji Yamada seeks to reclaim his forgotten past. Along with a team of misfits, Koji investigates murders involving extreme dismemberment. These kinds of murders tend to be perpetrated by no ordinary human—for the Sex Murder Investigation Unit hunts demons.

Demonion: Gaiden

Demonion: GaidenGenres:
BigBreasts, TitFuck, Yuri, Group, Threesome, Anal, Orgy, Rape,

Description: There once was a maou Astaroth who invaded the human kingdom, plunging the world into war. However, he was finally suppressed by a group of heroes who took his powers and sealed him deep underground. Two hundred years later, there were rumours that the seal was broken due to the recent shifts in the Earth’s crust and that the maou had been revived. Many confident adventurers descended on Astaroth’s underground labyrinth with the intention of defeating him and becoming famous. Little did they know that he had set out a trap for them…

Desert Island Story X

Desert Island Story XGenres:
Drama, Magic, Rape, Yuri, Domination,

Description: Six teenage girls go on a vacation to sea, that quickly turns into a nightmare. When their yacht gets hijacked by a gang of criminals then shipwrecked on a deserted island, the girls must struggle to hide from the sex-crazed fiends, tempers flare and betrayal waits in the wings. See how, if they do, get out.

Desert Island Story XX

Desert Island Story XXGenres:
Drama, Magic, Rape,

Description: This time around, nine survivors end up stranded on an island. A mystery explosion happens on the Island in a laboratory. Aoi and Shiori are amongst the survivors of six girls and three men. They are all isolated and stranded with no means of communication. These girls find out that the purpose of the laboratory is to transplant one's thoughts and emotions into the body of a victim. No one has come to rescue them and the beautiful girls are attacked one by one as they struggle for survival.

Desperate Carnal Housewives

Desperate Carnal HousewivesGenres:
Domination, BigBreasts, Bondage, Rape,

Description: Three wives are required to attend a parent/teacher conference because their children were in trouble at school. When they get to the school, they are welcomed by two men, who tell them that the school is closed. The men then lead them to an old abandoned school and decide to punish them in place of their children.

Diabolus: Kikoku

Diabolus: KikokuGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Yuri, Domination, Incest,

Description: A spirit who takes the form of an attractive male is attacking many female students at a school. Two students discover that the only way to free him from his wandering around Earth is to have him fulfil his desire and so they decide to take a hands on approach and make him rest in peace at last.

Dirty Thoughts

Dirty ThoughtsGenres:
Drama, Romance, Rape, School,

Description: Professor Sayaka is a popular new girl on campus. She's well-liked and friendly to everyone. In fact, she's a little too friendly. In the Dean's mind, she's a shameless flirt and needs to be put in her place. And maybe he's right. During Sayaka's last teaching position she fell in love with Shin, one of her students, and the scandel forced her to move on to another college. Now Sayaka's being blackmailed into performing various sexy "services" and on top of everything else, she's fallen in love with another student.


Adventure, Comedy, ScienceFiction, Eroge, Futanari, School, Rape, Domination, Bondage,

Description: The story revolves around Takuro Hayami who transferred to the mostly female Saint Arcadia School. Seemingly all of the girls want to have sex with him because the school only recently started admitting male students. Takuro seems like a normal student, but what the girls later realize when they try to take advantage of him is that he has a secret. Takuro has an 'Ultimate Sex Power' that becomes the focus of St. Arcadia's sexual power struggle.

Discipline Zero

Discipline ZeroGenres:
Domination, BigBreasts, Loli, Rape,

Description: Morimoto Leona and Otokawa Saori are newly arrived boarding students at St. Alcadia Academy. Morimoto Leona desires to subjugate every person within the school, severely punishing those who are of no use to her. Even the teachers are not spared. Fellow boarders Yuuki, Ruri and Maiko, who are oblivious of the situation, fall prey to the limitless sexual desires of the male students.


Domination, Bondage, Futanari, Rape, Bukkake, School, Yuri, Romance, Uncensored,

Description: Futaba is a high school girl who has a strong sexual desire and she plays with herself at any place and anytime. However, she has a dark secret that no one knows. Kyouka takes advantage of that secret for her own pleasure...

DNA Hunter

DNA HunterGenres:
Bondage, Domination, Rape, Yuri, Incest, BigBreasts, ScienceFiction,

Description: Mai was happily to get married until one day she lost her fiancee,Yuji in an accident.Mai thought all hope was lost, however she remembered about his research.With the research they are a ble to create a human being from a sample of a DNA.Mai decides to have Yuji's child this way.

Do You Know the Milfing Man?

Do You Know the Milfing Man?Genres:
BigBreasts, Incest, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: When his mother dies and his father remarries, Kaito takes a shine to his sexy new stepmother, Sayoko. Driven mad with lust, Kaito is soon spying on her and sneaking into her bedroom for some covert late-night action. Though racked with guilt, Sayoko eventually finds herself a willing participant. And when Kaito tells her that his father is cheating on her with a younger woman, theirs becomes a full-fledged affair. The sex, sin and betrayal will turn Kaito's whole household upside down!

Doctor Shameless

Doctor ShamelessGenres:
Domination, Rape, Yuri, Doctor, Nurses, Fantasy, Psychological, Uncensored,

Description: Dr. Shinji Ishida is a doctor working at a hospital on the brink of ruin. People have heard that this doctor has brought many hospitals back from financial ruin, however his methods are what you might say 'unorthodox'. After his sessions the patients can't seem to get enough of being treated by him which naturally causes the hospital to be full of money again.


Rape, BDSM, Bondage,

Description: So was working at the house of a millionaire, Katsuragi during the summer break. Though the house located deep in mountains far from the town, he enjoyed the days with a beautiful lady, her daughter, and charming maids. One day, he found a mysterious dollhouse in the attic. Inside it, there were dolls that looked like people in the house. He found that the doll had a magical power to manipulate the person at his will, and he made the women his sexual slaves one after another not knowing it is the way to lead to the ruin...

Dorei Maid Princess

Dorei Maid PrincessGenres:
Tentacles, Rape, Domination, Action, Fantasy,

Description: Taken prisoner by the main character, battle princess Lotte has ended training to be a slave made in order to prolong her life. Slave maids are specially trained maids traded among the noblemen. While providing sexual services, they also live by working as guards who put their lives on the line for the protection of their masters, making them very valued to both royalty and noblemen. The battle princess loses her virginity and has to endure dirty and degrading training in order to turn her whole body into a sex toy

Dragon Pink

Dragon PinkGenres:
DemonsBigBreastsTentacles, Rape, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural,

Description: When a slave girl dons the Cursed Panties of Torijama, the world of fantasy suddenly becomes a whole lot sexier. Based on the comics by Itoyoko, Dragon Pink is the story of four adventurers out for danger, treasure, and a good time: the slave girl Pink, now destined to be a sexually overcharged catwoman; Santa, the talented swordsman; Pias, the elf sorceress with magic where you wouldn�t believe; and Bobo, the big warrior with the big axe. And the mayhem�s just stared with Pink and company up against bad guys who all have permanent plans for her and her party. Trouble, disaster, and dismay are in store, as well as plenty of good stuff, too. The trouble is living long enough to get there.

Dream Note

Dream NoteGenres:
School, Rape, Pool,

Description: Hentai animation based on a h-game created by Undermoon studio.

Eisai Kyoiku

Eisai KyoikuGenres:
School, Domination, Rape,

Description: Based on the H-game by Amalgame. Certain subjects being taught these days at college arent always on the curriculum... Sex education is one of them! Here at our all-girls school, one male teacher takes it upon himself to best educate students in the ways of carnal knowledge. Using (and abusing) his authority, he lures the hottest students into his lair and has his sleazy way with them! In the the end, these girls will learn some lessons theyll never forget. At another college, a glowing phallus-shaped artifact possesses magical powers that turn innocent girls into raging sex maniacs. When a teacher is seduced by a student, he soon finds himself endowed with a power that the girls cannot resist...


Rape, ScienceFiction, Action,

Description: The survivors of a global atomic war live in a city dedicated to the survival of the human race. El Miles is part of a group in charge with enforcing the law. While the male members sexually torture suspected female members of the Black Widows, El is in charge with protecting a young and pretty pop singer who is openly trying to seduce her. But it could be that El�s reality is simply one big illusion.

Elf Hime Nina

Elf Hime NinaGenres:
Monsters, Incest, Rape, Tentacles, BigBreasts, Bondage, Futanari, Group,

Description: Kyle, the protagonist of this story, is one of the 7 heroes who defeated the evil overlord. After that battle he starts a conquest of the continent in order to unite the humans who live on it. Standing against Kyle is only his younger brother Syll, who is also one of the seven heroes. Kyle stole his throne, but failed to kill him. One day, another of the 7 heroes appears before Kyle. She is Nina, an elven princess. Kyle knows that Nina and Syll are lovers, and a dark desire begins to burn inside of him�

Elf no Futagohime Willan to Arsura

Elf no Futagohime Willan to ArsuraGenres:
Elf, BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: There is a world where humans and elves live together. Elves rule the world because of their intelligence and longevity. But one day, humans rise in rebellion and a big war breaks out. After a long battle, both countries decide to stop the war by a marriage of convenience. Arsura, a princess of elf country, is chosen as a bride. However, when she is on her way to the human territory, she and Willan, her sister and security guard, are kidnapped by someone! While elves and humans push responsibility to each other, a group of monsters appear! It�s them who kidnapped elf sisters. Their boss is Darsh, who is half human and half elf. What is his purpose�? Another war breaks out now!

Elfen Laid

Elfen LaidGenres:
Bondage, Fantasy, Rape, Magic, Romance, Drama, Uncensored,

Description: Theodora and Helena are daughters of the royal family of Burgundia, a country known for its courage. Regardless, and unfortunately, the country of Melven invades and succeeds in conquering Burgundia. Theodora and Helena are captured by Melven soldiers who are known to rape female Burgund captives. When Theodora, who thought only herself at first, hears that her sister had also been captured, she initially wants to commit suicide. As time goes on however, she decides to devote herself to the mens desires in order to help her sister.

Elfina: Servant Princess

Elfina: Servant PrincessGenres:
Fantasy, SexSlave, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: On the day Princess Erufina of Fiel was to marry Prince Kwan, the Valdland army, led by Prince Viceard Balbacil attacked both Kwan's party and Firan castle. In the resulting Valdland victory, Kwan is seriously injured and Erufina, along with all of the other women of Fiel, are forced into sexual subjugation. Viceard's plans are turned upside down, however, by the arrival of his first-love turned step-mother Marna, who brings Viceard news that his father plans to frame and kill him. With the moderating force of Marna's presence on him, Erufina is exposed to Viceard's softer side, as the king's arrival and Kwan's escape promise to shake the occupied kingdom of Fiel.

Endless Serenade

Endless SerenadeGenres:
Romance, SliceofLife, Rape, Comedy,

Description: After the death of his brother, Yuji helps out his brother's former fiancée Satsuki by running a convenience store. One year later, Yuji feels the time is right to tell Satsuki his feelings for her. However, Satsuki still holds a flame for her former lover. While Yuji tries to win over Satsuki, the quiet co-worker Miki has hidden feelings for him.


Yaoi, Rape, Prison, Shota,

Description: The protagonist is Guys, a young boy from a poor family, who gets caught for stealing candy from a Paris store. However, after being railroaded by a city detective named Guildias, Guys finds himself accused, convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a man he never met. From that point on, most Enzai takes place inside a dark, claustrophobic, dirty prison, in there, Guys experiences humiliation and torture of various kinds, much of it involving sexual acts such as rape and forcible sodomy.

Erotic Torture Chamber

Erotic Torture ChamberGenres:
Fantasy, BDSM, Futanari, Humiliation, Prisoner, Rape,

Description: Yurie, princess of Asronia is kidnapped on her way to a celebration in the kingdom of Gostaria by the dragon forces of the Demon Dragon King. Yurie�s bodyguard, Maya, survives the attack, and has vowed to rescue Yurie no matter the cost. Untill then, however, Yurie must endure the Demon Dragon King�s sexual depravations.

Etsuraku no Tane The Animation

Etsuraku no Tane The AnimationGenres:
Tentacles, Rape, Yuri,

Description: Based on the game by WendyBell.


Domination, Bondage, Torture, Game, School, Psychological, Death, Rape, Scat,

Description: 6 students find themselves trapped in a mysterious futuristic complex, forced to dance to the tune of a sadistic computer game, where failure to follow the game rules results in death.

Evil Woman Executive

Evil Woman ExecutiveGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Demons, Tentacles,

Description: A princess is punished by her servant by being taken over by a spell that makes her obey his every command. The princess is forced to have sex and masturbate in front of him while he tries to claim her throne.


Monsters, Tentacles, Rape, Domination, Elves,

Description: The gorgeous, supernaturally powered Alicia has been kidnapped by demons and enslaved for their unspeakably perverted pleasures. Her only hope for survival is a team of busty barbarians known as the F-Force. Each fabulous fighting female has her own style and deadly weapon of choice, but all share a love of danger and excitement - and there will be plenty of both as they fight to rescue their comrade from the ravages of evil!

Family of Debauchery

Family of DebaucheryGenres:
Bondage, Female Students, Female Teachers, Rape, Yuri,

Description: The girls of the Saegusa family are always on the lookout for a new pet to train, and they have plenty of time as their father is usually gone. At the same time they are hiding their own dark family secret.

Fencer of Minerva

Fencer of MinervaGenres:
Fantasy, Action, Yuri, Torture, Rape,

Description: Princess Diana runs away from an arranged marraige and straight into the arms of slave traders who capture her and she is forced to become a slave. She finds her long lost childhood friend/love there, who happens to be the sworn enemy of her families throne, and becomes his, but of course with the family wanting her back all is not ideal.

Fighting of Ecstasy

Fighting of EcstasyGenres:
Scat, Rape, Arena, Action, BigBreasts,

Description: Based on �Fighting of Ecstasy 2009″ (erotic game) by Crimson, where, basically, there are females in an arena, who end up having sex with the male combatants.

Five Card

Five CardGenres:
Rape, Domination, Yuri,

Description: Daina Nariyuki, a sexy, young, English teacher, is planning to charm his way into four of his cute students, Lisa (Inari Vachs), Fumiko, Naoki, and Mimiko. However, Onikuma, the school dean, is already one step ahead of him with his own sinister plan... What is Onikuma up to? What will Daina do? Will he get his girls? Will he also end up with his pretty new assistant, Mayu (Tabitha Stevens)? Follow the titillating adventure of Daina, and his sexy girls!

Flashback Game

Flashback GameGenres:
Yuri, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: Mizuho, Noriko and Yuri are three friends that go to a beauty spa that Yuri won in a competition. They relax there and have fun until they try one of the new treatments, where they see un a shining light. This light bring back their traumatic memories such as rapes of squads and sexual abuse in childhood.

Floating Material

Floating MaterialGenres:
Rape, Schoolgirl,

Description: When a girl finds out that her dear friend is on a relation with their homeroom teacher, she suddenly breaks and tries to get the teacher for herself, but he refuses even when she resorts to blackmailing him with exposure his relationship with her friend. In the end she decides to come clean to her friend and they decide to share the teacher.

Flower and Snake The Animation

Flower and Snake The AnimationGenres:
Bondage, Rape, SexSlave, Incest,

Description: Shizuko, a 26-year-old housewife, is lured into a trap when her stepdaughter is kidnapped by the Kizakura gang. The kidnapping scheme was hatched by an evil CEO whose main goal is to make Shizuko his sex slave. Eventually, she's coerced into performing a bizarre sex show in front of a large audience. They force Shizuko to perform with her stepdaughter. Though she refuses at first, she gradually accepts and decides to roll with the twisted pleasure of it all.

Foxy Nudes

Foxy NudesGenres:
NewsReporter, Nympho, Domination, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: Etsuko Yamanobe is a sexy anchorwoman, the top on Tokyo Flower Television actually. To coax some hot ratings, Etsuko gets herself a front row seat to a hostage crisis. However, even though Damesuke went crazy when he was fired, and takes his bosss daughter hostage, he cant follow through. Thats where Etsuko comes in. She forces Damesuke to engage in many graphical sex acts with Mayumi on TV. Yet in order to gain these ratings she must be doing so herself.

Fruits Cup

Fruits CupGenres:
SliceofLife, Drama, Rape, Loli, Yuri, Incest,

Description: Riku Ohmi can fool every girl some of the time, he can fool some girls all of the time, and he can fool all the girls into his bed at the same time. Riku was asked to help with the girl's swim team's summer training when he finds some dirty videos of the girls, Yoshino, Nagisa, and Matsuri. Not content to stick with the videos, he uses them as a leverage to score some real action.

Furifure The Animation

Furifure The AnimationGenres:
Oppai, Rape, Domination, Virgin,

Description: Yui had a quarrel with her parents and ran away from home. When she walks around the town, she meets her friend and she is tricked into joining a matchmaking website called Free Friends. She just waits for someone contacting her though she doesn't know much about it. The main character accidentally finds it and contacts her. On that night, they meet in the town full of libido and...

Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaa-san: The Animation

Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaa-san: The AnimationGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Domination,

Description: Based on the erotic game by Erectlip.


SmallBreasts, Rape, Supernatural, Anal,

Description: Based on an adult game by Lune.

G-Spot Express

G-Spot ExpressGenres:
Grope, Rape, Chikan, Uncensored,

Description: Katsuhiko is a master train pervert. He can pull off a feel, a grab, or even go all the way on a crowded train with girls he's never met. One day he meets a sinister pickpocket named Gin, who provides him with the ultimate target. Katsuhiko moves in on the gorgeous TV anchorwoman with perfect skill, but will he be ready for Gin's well-timed double cross.


Domination, Rape, Maid, BigBreasts, Drama, Yuri,

Description: Meet Moe, Nana, Mai, Sayaka, Misuzu, Asuka and Yuna, the sexiest girls around, but they have a common problem to each other: They cant get enough sex and get satisfied. They will do anything they can to accomplish their dreams and desires.

G-Taste II

G-Taste IIGenres:
Domination, Rape, Maid, BigBreasts,

Description: G-Taste is Yagami Hiroki�s costume play manga serialized from 1996 � 2004. The new OVA will feature five popular girls (Riona, Mai, Yuki, Nana and Asuka).

Gakuen 2

Gakuen 2Genres:
School, Rape, Domination,

Description: Due to a school conspiracy, Tetsuya is forced to drop out of school. In order to satisfy his need for revenge, Tetsuya needs to get his hands on Haruna, the principals daughter. However, to do that, he needs another to girl to lure Haruna out. Thats where Ayano comes in...

Gakuen 3

Gakuen 3Genres:
School, Game, Rape,

Description: Since Kagetora doesn�t study at all, he is sent to a strict boarding school. One day, he meets three beautiful girls at school and falls in love with them�. To have sex with them, he makes a secret plan...

Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare

Gakuen de Jikan yo TomareGenres:
Domination, Rape,

Description: Based on the adult game by Waffle.

Gakuen Maria: Bakunyuu Teachers

Gakuen Maria: Bakunyuu TeachersGenres:
FemaleTeachers, Gangbang, Incest, Large Breasts, Masturbation, Rape, School Life, Yuri,

Description: Based on the manga by Aura Seiji

Gakuen Saimin Reido

Gakuen Saimin ReidoGenres:
Hypnotized, School, TeacheronStudent, Rape,

Description: Futoshi Satou, a high school teacher, is ugly and despised by students and female teachers alike. A powerful device falls in his hands�a mysterious cell phone with which he can induce an hypnotic state in whomever he takes a photo of. During that state he can modify the subject�s will and body response the way he likes, so it is fun time for this teacher, and he aims as high as he can�the head teacher and the members of the student council.

Garden The Animation

Garden The AnimationGenres:
Rape, Loli,

Description: There is no plot summary for Garden The Animation at this moment. We'll work on getting one up as soon as possible!

Genmukan: The Sin of Desire and Shame

Genmukan: The Sin of Desire and ShameGenres:
Rape, Maids, Domination, Group, Yuri, Loli,

Description: Detective Satoru Kido is brought to a luxurious mansion to search for a lost jewel, but soon realizes there's more than meets the eye with the current lolita Mistress, the willing maid, the classic butler, the fugly manservant, and the sexy tutor.

Gold Throbber

Gold ThrobberGenres:
Chikan, Rape, Grope,

Description: Yuuji is a young businessman who is framed for groping women on the train. He ends up friendless, homeless, and behind bars. Enter the dashing hero, Kazuo, the man with the Golden Touch, any woman he touches turns horny! Together with Yuuji, he intends to take revenge for the frame-up!

Grope: Yami no naka no Kotoritachi

Grope: Yami no naka no KotoritachiGenres:
BigBreasts, School, Rape,

Description: An earthquake causes the school campus to collapse living only 4 survivors�2 childhood friends, Fubuki & Shinichi with Takahaki and a Junior girl. Both Shinichi and Takahaki likes Fubuki, but Fubuki likes only Shinichi. Takahaki made false accusation on Shinichi having interest on the Junior, whom also likes Shinchi, in front of Fubuki to create a doubt between both childhood friends. And making use of the situation and raped the Junior and of course.... Fubuki. Leaving Shinichi in a mist of doubts.

Guy: Awakening of The Devil

Guy: Awakening of The DevilGenres:
Action, ScienceFiction, Space, Rape, Yuri,

Description: Guy is just one of those misunderstood, lovable fellows who just happens to be one of the nastiest soldiers of fortune you've ever seen... and his partner is worse! They could be, however, the only thing that can battle Dr. Vail and breathe afterwards!

Guy: Double Target

Guy: Double TargetGenres:
Action, ScienceFiction, Space, Rape, Yuri,

Description: Guy is just one of those misunderstood, lovable fellows who just happens to be one of the nastiest soldiers of fortune you've ever seen... and his partner is worse! They could be, however, the only thing that can battle Dr. Vail and breathe afterwards!

Haha Sange

Haha SangeGenres:
Domination, Incest, Loli, Bondage, Rape, Yuri, Uncensored,

Description: Stepmother and stepsister is common, but when the young son saw his father having sex with his stepmother he suddenly feels excited by his new mom and decides to take action, but before he could advance his sister catchs him and confesses that she loves him and they take the relation one step higher, but he still feels the urge to have sex with his mom and finally he forces her to do so. Mother and daughter share their experiences after each of the son's interventions.

Hakoiri Shoujo: Virgin Territory

Hakoiri Shoujo: Virgin TerritoryGenres:
School, Rape,

Description: Sakuraya Academy is a high-class girls� school. Its stringent selection process is designed to ensure that they take in only the daughters of the most social elite. Kannari Masayoshi is a 4th-year teacher at Sakuraya. Due to his kind and cool nature, all the students fawn over him. However, this is only his outward nature. He makes use of his popularity to form affairs with many of his students. Now, his sights are set on a new girl, Kirihara Yukino.

Hanappe Bazooka

Hanappe BazookaGenres:
Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Magic, School, Demons, Rape,

Description: Lecherous high school boy Hanappe is visited by two demons who step from his TV and immediately fall in lust with his mother and sister. The demons turn Hanappe's home into a meeting ground for their demonic friends and grant Hanappe the power of the Hanappe Bazooka. Now his index finger is capable of both a deadly blast and the ability to drive women in a lustful frenzy, but Hanappe isn't very good at controlling it and winds up in serious trouble.

Hardcore Hospital

Hardcore HospitalGenres:
BigBreasts, Domination, Rape, Anal, BDSM, Nurses,

Description: Date General Hospital is a place unlike any other. The staff is equipped with "special nurses" that aim to meet the needs of any willing and able patient around. This hand selected group of sexual girls are taken under the wing of Dr. Date who upon giving the women his secret stamina drug lets the patients, nurses, and even himself feel pleasure like they have never have before.

Harvest Night

Harvest NightGenres:
Crime, Death, Delinquents, Gangs, Rape, Domination, Bondage, Yuri,

Description: In a town that is divided by a bridge, both sides are like day and night, one side violence, immortality,abusive sexual lifestyle, while on the other side it�s like a paradise, but when you cross that bridge their is no turning back, no rules, no law, total chaos. Their is a gang that benefits from sex and violence. This is the story of those gang members, their story and dark secerts that go them them.

Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction

Heartwork: Symphony of DestructionGenres:
Action, Bondage, Rape, BigBreasts, Violence,

Description: Yuu Asakura was a mild mannered university student - until he found a mysterious duffle bag with a gun and orders for an assassination. He was terrified at first, but when he held the smooth metal of the pistol in his hand, he started to become someone else. Capable of anything, Yuu takes the assassination job and enters a world of nonstop sex, blood and guns. When he returns to school with his newfound abilities, he finds it no trouble at all to get any girl he wants. The syndicate and the police want a piece of the new guy, but the one Yuu has to worry about is the guns original owner.

Hell Knight Ingrid

Hell Knight IngridGenres:
Supernatural, Demons, Fantasy, MartialArts, Tentacles, Rape,

Description: Ingrid and Murasaki are demon hunters, who are captured by the demons they fight against. The demons, eager for revenge, turn them into sex slaves.

Helter Skelter: Hakudaku no Mura

Helter Skelter: Hakudaku no MuraGenres:
Rape, Orgy, Yuri, Vacation, BigBreasts, Domination,

Description: Miu and her family of four women are well-known in the media for being aspiring young celebrities. Her mother, Sayoko, is a famous fashion designer and has scored a job for the family to shoot a TV production; a rare opportunity for the family to be together and enjoy themselves. The girls travel to a small, isolated village in late August and the filming begins. Little do Miu and her family know however, the entire production is a scheme. This is the time for a local festival and they happened to unwillingly volunteer to be a key figure for this festival; the Shishigami. One by one, the girls are subjected to the traditions of the festival, experiencing first-hand just how serious it is.

Hika Ryoujuku: Lust of Shame

Hika Ryoujuku: Lust of ShameGenres:
Incest, Domination, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: Shinichi becomes Megumi's stepbrother after his mother marries Megumi's father. Eventually, Megumi starts to love and regard Shinichi as her older brother. However, their idyllic life will soon turn into a nightmare of lust and debauchery

Hime Dorei

Hime DoreiGenres:
Demons, Domination, BigBreasts, Tentacles, Bondage, Rape, Yuri, Pregnant,

Description: There is the Luvence Kingdom in the northern part of continent, which takes full control of the region. The king has beautiful twin sisters, Tita and Liese. And he decides to give Tita the heir to the throne. Liese gets so mad to hear that, and starts to hate Tita. One day, a man, Waldo, comes to the kingdom. He is a magician, and his country was destroyed by the Luvence army. His purpose is to take revenge on them. Waldo and Liese meet by chance. A man who plans to take revenge on the kingdom and a girl who hates Tita... Their revenge just begins...

Hime-sama Gentei!

Hime-sama Gentei!Genres:

Description: This is the first title by Princess Sugar. Celina is the princess of the prosperous western European country of Mellberg and came to Japan to study at a normal school while concealing her true identity. Since she is a distant relative to Yuu, she ends up living in his house. One day, the princess of the resource-rich country of Marualand, Olivia, was exiled to Japan in a coup d��tat. Quickly gaining notice around the town, she was treated like a honored guest. However, Yuu disapproved of her snobby attitude since he had grown accustomed to being around princess Celina. Then, Celina told Olivia not to be near him as he is her most precious person. Not backing down from the challenge, she states that she will make him hers.

Himekishi Angelica

Himekishi AngelicaGenres:
Fantasy, Bondage, Rape, SexSlaves, Tentacles,

Description: A clever and ambitious man is able to take over a kingdom by cunningly forcing his way into the hearts of the Rothschilt family women. One by one he convinces them they can�t live without him and makes them into his obedient and willing sex slaves. Now the kingdom is at his mercy and his real revenge can commence.

Himekishi Lilia

Himekishi LiliaGenres:
Demons, Fantasy, Horror, Magic, Supernatural, Rape, Tentacles, Yuri, Incest,

Description: Princess Lilia is next in line for taking over her Kingdom, though her brother Prince Dirk wants things to go his way. He teams up with a demon in agreement that they will capture Lilia�s �hidden power� which can only be gained by sending her into the highest level of sexual ecstacy. He captures both Lilia, her loyal Knights, along with his own mother, all for his own bidding. But can he get the �hidden power� in time for the demon?

Himekishi Olivia

Himekishi OliviaGenres:
Rape, Monsters, Humiliation,

Description: Based on the adult PC game by Silky's.


Rape, Group, Bukkake, School, Loli, Teacher,

Description: Based on the manga by Tsukiyoshi Hiroki.

Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu

Hitou Meguri Kakure YuGenres:
Rape, BathHouse,

Description: Yunose Mikio returns to his hometown for the first time in half a year. The first thing he sees is the traditional Japanese onsen inn managed by Yukino Chitose, childhood friend and one-time lover. Despite the passing of half a year, Chitose still possessed a girlish appearance. However, the traditional clothes that she wears brings out a mature and beautiful feel about her. That night, upon conclusion of his business, he goes in search of Chitose. Hearing her voice, he follows it and comes to an outdoor bath. Peeking through a gap in the bamboo fence, he is stunned to see her with another man...

Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu Mao Hen

Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu Mao HenGenres:
Rape, BathHouse, Domination,

Description: Based on the erotic game Zoku Hitou Meguri by Riddle Soft.

Hitou Meguri: The Animation

Hitou Meguri: The AnimationGenres:
Rape, BathHouse, Bondage, Domination, Group,

Description: Yukino Chitose had just entered Kunoe Girls' School when her mother eloped, leaving her to fend for herself and manage the onsen inn in which she lives. It isn't long before she is raped by a tourist from Tokyo and kidnapped by some men seeking to evict her from her inn.

Holy Virgins

Holy VirginsGenres:
Drama, Horror, Christianity, Demons, Religion, BigBreasts, Rape, Tentacles,

Description: The locals know all about Dr. Fuwa. His reputation for taking advantage of his female patients has left him little to do except his nurse Megumi. When he’s suddenly called in to investigate a mysterious illness that's been affecting the nuns on a remote island, Dr. Fuwa’s certainly not above having a little fun with the patients--each and every one of them a cute little nun-in-training.

Honoo no Haramase Doukyuusei

Honoo no Haramase DoukyuuseiGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Group, Yuri, School, Loli,

Description: Kazuya is a high school student. He is forced to move to a school dormitory because his parents have gone abroad on business, and they sold their house before leaving Japan. But, his school has no boys� dormitory, so he begins to live at a girls� dormitory. One day, he secretly peeks into the school sick-room while girls are under regular physical checkup, and he is surprised at their erotic breasts. He makes a vow to get their bodies and breasts...

Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei

Honoo no Haramase TenkouseiGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Group, Yuri, School, Loli,

Description: The main character, Tatsuya Tagami, have an ambition of World Conquest, and the first step of his plan is to make every female classmates pregnant. Unfortunately, his dream to realize that ambition is rather impossible to do so in his all-boys school. Hence, he transfers himself to the newly reorganized Hakuka Co-Ed Academy, which was previously an all-girls school.


Comedy, Fantasy, ScienceFiction, Rape, Dildos, Ninjas,

Description: Five girls. One guy. Seven Holy Dildos. It all started when our hero, Yukito, was trying to score with his favorite blond bombshell, Olga. Things were just heating up when one of her science experiments exploded, and it screwed up all of time and space. Now, only one thing can save the world: the Seven Holy Dildos! Now its up to Yukito to find and collect each of Seven Holy Dildos from the beautiful maidens who posses them! To win these seven sabers, Yukito must face off against their lusty owners in a sensual skirmish, where sex is the name of the game, and the winner is the one who can keep going the longest! Hell be battling it out with the lovely shrine sisters Yuka and Yuki... the foxy ninja Victoria... the sweet and spicy Hiromi... so many women, so little time! Its a tough job, but it`s up to Yukito to get his freak on and save the universe!

Hot for Teacher

Hot for TeacherGenres:
School, Rape, SexSlave, Teacher,

Description: Yumi is a busty, dark haired beauty who knows how to give her students what they want. But unfortunately, she's never been good at getting what she wants and lately everything seems to be going wrong. First she has a nasty break-up with her fiance, and then she's sexually harassed by the Vice-Principal. One thing leads to another- and before she knows it, the VP and some very horny students trap her into a hot and heavy orgy. After ravishing her over and over again, they make her swear to become their secret sex slave. Now, Yumi's only hope is the reluctant Katsutoshi and his perky girlfriend Keiko. But even with their help, it'll be hard for Yumi to escape her bonds of sexual slavery, since everyone seems to be hot for teacher

Hot Juicy Teacher

Hot Juicy TeacherGenres:
School, Domination, Teacher, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: Yuichiro Date was backstabed by Teacher that he wanted to help when she was raped .by other students... after that he became a diffrent man... when he was send to diffrent school he wants revange at all teachers but do he knows what up agains he is...

Houkago 2 The Animation

Houkago 2 The AnimationGenres:
Incest, Rape, Domination,

Description: Ryuichi's first sex doesn't go well and he can't get an erection since then. He starts to work at a girl's high school as a janitor but his work attitudes are terrible, so his dismissal is decided. When he is depressed to hear that, he meets Midori. And he gets an erection while talking to her. He can't stand it and rapes her. He has only one month to go so he decides to spend his time at school on raping as many girls as possible....

Houkago 2: Saiyuri

Houkago 2: SaiyuriGenres:
Incest, Rape, Domination,

Description: Ryuichi�s first sex doesn�t go well and he can�t get an erection since then. He starts to work at a girl�s high school as a janitor but his work attitudes are terrible, so his dismissal is decided. When he is depressed to hear that, he meets Midori. And he gets an erection while talking to her. He can�t stand it and rapes her. He has only one month to go so he decides to spend his time at school raping as many girls as possible...

House of 100 Tongues

House of 100 TonguesGenres:
Bondage, Rape,

Description: The Takashiro family... a traceable Daimyo that leads back to a historical lineage of nobility, has recently been on a shameful course, ruining the image they have had since the old days. Nanako is the Takashio family's only daughter. She is in a weak condition, living most of her life sleeping and passing the day hiding her lustful thoughts for Yujiro. All the while the presence of a dark plot draws near. A rival family has their sights set on taking away the family's assets, especially the sweet young snatch of the beautiful Nanako. But Nanako isn't the only female member of the Takashiro's willing to pay back the family's debt her mother is also getting in on the action in a jaw dropping display of eroticism that has the Takashiro women surrendering their bodies to a gang of carpet munching marauders.


Bondage, Rape, Horror, Uncensored,

Description: A group of young adults have decided to travel to a mysterious island through a tour line. The island has been deserted of human life and the ruins of a once promising city continue to decay. Each of the group members have a reason to visit the island, including returning to their former homes or embarking on a scavenger hunt. During their visit, strange events start to take place and past memories and sexual emotions began to surface among the group. The tour takes a turn for the worst when several of tourists are found murdered, showing that someone remains on the desolated island.


Yuri, Hypnotism, Rape,

Description: Murakoshi Shinta is an extraordinary student at an ordinary high school. Every student hates him, also teachers and parents hate him. His life is in despair... One day, he receives a gift from his internet friend Mr.K. It is a hypnotic machine...

Idol of Darkness

Idol of DarknessGenres:
Rape, Tentacles, Monsters, Demons,

Description: Ikumi is an up and coming pop singer with millions of fans and a promising acting career. She should be looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, but she`s got man trouble. The love of her life just isn`t sure he can handle Ikumi`s fame and fortune. To make matters worse, while shooting on location, a jealous co-star finds a strange wooden idol in an abandoned temple, and uses it to invoke a hedeous demon to be the instrument of her revenge. Will Ikumi`s next concert be her last curtain call? She`s about to dicover that there really are fates worse than death.

Iinari! Saimin Kanojo

Iinari! Saimin KanojoGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, MindControl,

Description: Based on an adult PC game by Courreges Ace.

Ijou Chitai Jikken Dorei

Ijou Chitai Jikken DoreiGenres:
School, Rape, Domination, Bondage,

Description: After her parents died, Konno Azusa inherits her parents inn. All the residents of the inn left except for one perverted guest, so she has to fulfill his every wish to prevent him from leaving as well.

Ikenai Koto The Animation

Ikenai Koto The AnimationGenres:
Rape, School,

Description: No synopsis has been added for this series yet.

Ikusa Otome Suvia

Ikusa Otome SuviaGenres:
Fantasy, Inkakuhidai, Bondage, Fantasy, Rape, Tentacles, Yuri,

Description: The King of Hell had held Odin, the ruler of Norse gods, captive in the Land of the Dead with the help of Loki, the Trickster. The Valkyries failed to save him, and ended up becoming sex slaves to the demons. As a trade to free himself, Odin had the river source to the World Tree sealed, which will destroy the whole world. But before that, Loki had Freya, Chief of Valkyries, captured to counter Odin�s plot. In order to prevent the World Tree from falling, Loki has to find two keys which are protected by two invincible Valkyries�Sigurd and Suvia. And so Loki turned his lustful attention on Suvia, who was a Princess of Prishintia.

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie

Ikusa Otome ValkyrieGenres:
Fantasy, Demons, Domination, BigBreasts, Futanari, Group, Yuri, Rape,

Description: Valkyrie was a female fighter whom Odin was proud of. She was noble, full of love, and pure. She was an invincible fighter on the battlefield. However, because of the betrayal of a goddess, Freya, she was captured. She was robbed of her ring, which was the source of her power, and her arms. Being excited upon seeing her naked figure, the demons began to assault her.

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2Genres:
Fantasy, Demons, Domination, BigBreasts, Futanari, Group, Yuri, Rape,

Description: Leia is a valkyrie. She is captured by Duke, a boss of a monster group, and just when she is about to get executed, Aaliyah, an another valkyrie, appears and beats up all monsters. She tells Duke to free Leia and he does so. But Leia suddenly robs Aaliyah of a silver ring, which gives Aaliyah power, and runs to Duke... Aaliyah loses her power and finally gets captured�. Like this, Leia and Aaliyah become their sex slaves...

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie G

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie GGenres:
Fantasy, Demons, Domination, BigBreasts, Futanari, Group, Yuri, Rape,

Description: Based on the erotic game "Ikusa Otome Valkyrie G" by Lune.

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie Shinshou

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie ShinshouGenres:
Fantasy, Supernatural, Futanari, Demons, Rape,

Description: Goddess of war-valkyries-are both fierce and invincible in battle. But they have the defect of being attracted to normal male humans, which the inhabitants of the overworld noticed and decided to use in their advantage: not only to win battles, but to capture some valkyries and turn them into sex slaves. Freya was captured and the devils can now see exactly where each goddess is, leading to disaster.

Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress

Imma Youjo: The Erotic TemptressGenres:
Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, ScienceFiction, Supernatural, Rape,

Description: Maya is a force of nature: wherever she goes, havoc and destruction follows. Men lose control, and become her playthings; while women become so jealous they are led to their doom. Each episode is a tale of a different Maya in a different world.


Yuri, Rape,

Description: A school doctor comes in possession of a sexual hypnotic spray that inhibits girls to succumb to sexual desires. One after another, high school girls fall prey to the school doctor�s sex schemes turning them into sex slaves.

Immoral Sisters

Immoral SistersGenres:
Drama, Incest, Group, Rape, School, Uncensored,

Description: One day, a house wife named Yukie has a traffic accident. She is ordered to pay a large settlement to the other party, Taketo, the son of the owner/president of Nogawa Industries. Unable to make the settlement payment, Yukie allows Taketo to have her sexually. At the same time, Takato�s father, Nogawa, approaches Yukie�s step-daughter, Rumi, and blackmails her. His evil scheme even reaches for Tomoko, Yukie�s younger step-sister.

Immoral Sisters 2

Immoral Sisters 2Genres:
Drama, Incest, Group, Rape, School, Uncensored,

Description: Rumi and Tomoko�s father has returned, but he seems to have developed an uncontrollable urge for Tomoko, after seeing her all grown up. He tries to fight off his urges, and Takedo, in order to keep the family together.

Immoral Sisters 3: Blossoming

Immoral Sisters 3: BlossomingGenres:
Drama, Incest, Group, Rape, School,

Description: Katori is attracted to an enigmatic new student at her University named Koshiro. She can remember his face and his voice when he saved her little sister from being raped in the past. However, rumors are abound around that Koshiro is having sex with his teachers and has some type of agenda with the school. When Koshiro�s plan goes into motion, Katori, her sister, and her mother will all be in on the action

Inda no Himekishi Janne

Inda no Himekishi JanneGenres:
Domination, Fantasy, Futanari, Rape,

Description: There is a beautiful princess, Jeanne, in a beautiful country. She has a special ability in sword technique and magic. The country is peaceful but monsters called ogres start to attack them. Jeanne takes an initiative and have battles against the ogres but her younger sister Yuwa is taken by them. eJanne goes to Dark Elf's fastness by herself but she is trapped and caught by them. Janne is given a sexual training there and her body and spirit gradually change to...

Injoku no Heya

Injoku no HeyaGenres:
BDSM, Bondage, Incest, Maid, Rape,

Description: Kazuki, a wealthy young man, yet struck by a terminal illness, lives in his big mansion with numerous female servants. Among them is Nanase, who fell in love with Kazuki. She is trying her best to make him understand the joys of life. However, ever since Kazuki's sister noticed her feelings, jealousy drives her to discipline Nanase whenever possible in her "torture chamber"...


Drama, Magic, Tentacles, Rape, Yuri, Domination,

Description: Yumi is raped on her way to school. He violently molested her over and over again, but somehow she escaped. Ever since then she feels as someone follow her. The story turn to the female fashion designer who always blames who made mistake. Soon she becomes imprisoned, totally nude inside of the public telephone booth. But it was just the beginning of revenge...

Inmu 2

Inmu 2Genres:
Drama, Magic, Tentacles, Rape, Yuri, Domination,

Description: In First Night college girl Youri cannot make up her mind, whether to go all the way with her boyfriend. She hears a rumor that he is frequenting a massage parlor. Not only that, but the massage girl he has been seeing is said to be a dead ringer for Youri! In Second Night a man spies on the private life of a beautiful nurse, Megumi. The man's obsessive desire wanders between delusion and reality, giving life to a mysterious being. One day, the man has a sudden heart attack and is hospitalized. He comes under Megumi's care. Finally, his wild desire explodes...

Innocent Blue

Innocent BlueGenres:
Rape, Loli, School,

Description: Saeki Nozomi is a nurse that works at the hospital where her cousin is stay at due to a illness. At this time in the story, she is married but by herself while her husband is on business trip. She is also a bit horny as her period is coming up but tries to be faith to her husband and only flirts with her cousin whom she considers as her little brother. - Yumi is the guys sister who also works at the hospital as a trainee since she is studying to be a nurse as well. She has strong feelings for her brother and worries about him a lot but doesnt cross that line...


BigBreasts, Rape, Wives,

Description: Natsumi lives the life of a happy housewife. She however lived on the edge in the past meeting many people and therefore experienced a dark chapter in her life. She has worked hard to forget her dark past but her mind and body will not allow her to do so completely. She has done a good job of controlling herself until one day her husband brought a friend over to the house and that particular friend happened to be someone that she had a fling with during her wilder, darker days. The lust that was caged for so long has now broken free...

Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Kanojo

Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru KanojoGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: Shuji lives a peaceful life with his younger sister, Saki. But he secretly loves her and his libido gets uncontrollable day by day. One day, Saki tells him, "I love you... I've been always thinking about you since I was a kid..." they then become boyfriend/girlfriend. However, their happiness is destroyed by an email. "I know your everything..." The email attaches a photo of Saki changing clothes and masturbating. Saki thinks her stalker did it. The stalker gives her various immoral orders. She first tries to resist it, but she gradually gets addicted to it... Well, will Shuji be able to save Saki...?

Inyouchuu Etsu

Inyouchuu EtsuGenres:
Demons, Domination, BigBreasts, Tentacles, Rape, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural,

Description: One day, Yamato, Mikoto and Takeru visit a village in the mountain for the training to be monster hunters. They have various hard trainings and finally become the monster hunters. But there is something wrong with Yamato's body. His body gradually changes into a monster' what is happening to his body? Who can stop it? To save Yamato, Mikoto and Takeru make every effort to do so. What is the secret to Yamato's body? What will happen to Mikoto and Takeru?

Inyouchuu Shoku

Inyouchuu ShokuGenres:
Demons, Domination, BigBreasts, Tentacles, Rape, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural,

Description: The demon hunters are back! Mikoto, Sui, and Takeru are sent to investigate a mysterious island where people have been disappearing repeatedly and dark yoma are rumored to be the cause. When the team first arrives it almost feels like a vacation to them, but it doesn�t take them long to the feel the presence of something dark and evil...

Inyouchuu The Animation

Inyouchuu The AnimationGenres:
Tentacles, Rape, Monsters,

Description: Three students are in a school late at night fighting supernatural enemies. As they are about to leave, they get attacked and trapped. Based off the Inyouchuu game.

Inyutsu no Yakata The Animation

Inyutsu no Yakata The AnimationGenres:
Monsters, Rape, Ogres, Tentacles, Anal, BigBreasts, Oppai, Group, Elf,

Description: Based on the adult manga by Sawaru Erect.


Bondage, Drama, Rape, Yuri, Magic,

Description: It�s the last day of school before summer vacation. Kenta is gearing up for another boring summer when he receives a mysterious note. After school, he walks into the old, condemned school building, following the note�s instructions. Inside, he finds that Jinpachi, Miyuki, Rika, Kotomi, Akemi, Ms. Kumi, Munemitsu and Mio have received the same note as well. Everyone decides that this is some kind of a joke, and starts arguing about the identity of the prankster. Suddenly, they hear the entrance being boarded up... The nightmare begins as the girls vanish one by one. Rika is the first one to disappear, followed by a shocking video of Rika being violated by an unknown assailant... A twisted story filled with scenes of shocking and graphic hardcore sex!!!

Isaku: Respect

Isaku: RespectGenres:
Bondage, Drama, Rape, Yuri, Magic,

Description: Kotomi was looking forward to a fun summer vacation. Until she found the note in her bedroom. Filled with extremely personal and revealing information about her, Kotomi is forced to follow the note�s instructions and go to the old school building. Once there, she discovers that she�s not the only one.

Jiburiru: Second Coming

Jiburiru: Second ComingGenres:
Comedy, Magi, MagicalGirl, Tentacles, Rape, Demons, Zombies, Group,

Description: A direct sequel to �Jiburiru: The Devil Angel�. This time devil forces are trying to get rid of the previous Angel of love by turning her into a Devil of sex, so the forces of law and good must find a new one, this time they�ll recurse to a younger and more loving creature, a little girl and its love for her brother.

Jiburiru: The Devil Angel

Jiburiru: The Devil AngelGenres:
Comedy, Magi, MagicalGirl, Tentacles, Rape, Demons, Zombies, Group, Loli,

Description: One hot summer day, Naoto Kamino finally musters up the courage to reveal his true feelings for his crush, Manabe Rika. Unfortunately, at the same moment, a young boy named Asumo appears (though he refers to himself as the devil). He plots to kidnap Rika and will stop at nothing to obtain her � but Rika has a little secret of her own, she can transform and obtain magical powers during sex�

Jiburiru: The Devil Angel 3

Jiburiru: The Devil Angel 3Genres:
Comedy, Magi, MagicalGirl, Tentacles, Rape, Demons, Zombies, Group, Loli,

Description: Naoto lives a peaceful life after he saved Rika. But one day, the Misty May suddenly appears and Hikari is abducted by her. They are depressed because they can do nothing�. When he has a bath at night, a girl, Nagi, suddenly appears in front of him. Actually, Nagi is an android. One the next day, the Misty May appears again. Rika has a battle against her and Naoto makes up his mind to have sex with Nagi to save Rika�?


Rape, Teachers,

Description: There is no plot summary for Jisshuusei at this moment. We'll work on getting one up as soon as possible!

JK to Inkou Kyoushi 4

JK to Inkou Kyoushi 4Genres:
Rape, Loli,

Description: Takashi is a teacher. One day, two new students come to his class, Shizuka and Satsuki. Shizuka is friendly and Satsuki is quiet. Some days later the vice-principal suddenly orders Takashi to take care of them, and it turns out that Shizuka is actually selfish and egoistic�

JK to Orc Heidan: Aku Buta Oni ni Ryougyaku Sareta Seijo Gakuen

JK to Orc Heidan: Aku Buta Oni ni Ryougyaku Sareta Seijo GakuenGenres:
Orc, Rape, Supernatural,

Description: Anime adaptation of the PC game by Blue Gale LIGHT. Deep in a forest, there existed an old European-style building made of brick. It was an all-girls school attended only by girls from good families. One day the school was covered by a mysterious thick fog caused by an earthquake. Orc soldiers emerged from the ominous fog. The schoolgirls were attacked one after another by these brutes from a parallel world. The girls resistance was futile; they were crushed by the powerful orcs. Rape and death, only tragic screams echoed through the school. Why did it become like that!? There was no one who could answer that question...


Rape, School, Nurses, Teacher, BigBreasts, Oppai, Blackmail,

Description: Based on the adult game by Lune.

Kagachi-sama Onagusame Tatematsurimasu: Netorare Mura Inya Hanashi - The Animation

Kagachi-sama Onagusame Tatematsurimasu: Netorare Mura Inya Hanashi - The AnimationGenres:
Rape, BigBreasts, Gangbang, Group,

Description: Based on the Hentai Game by Orcsoft.

Kagirohi: Shaku Kei

Kagirohi: Shaku KeiGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Domination, Tentacles,

Description: The story takes place in a small village. A girl, Ajisai, transferred to the village one month ago. The main character is Aoi. He always watches Ajisai being alone. One day, when he is at school, Ajisai tells him, �Let�s play a game.� Her offer changes everything around him. Ajisai, Kaede, Sanoou, and Sumire. The story goes as their thoughts mix with each other.


Action, Anal, BigBreasts, Gangbang, Rape,

Description: Agatha, Koyomi & Lily are special agents, trained to track down and bring in criminals trafficking in human bondage. Now they are up against a criminal mastermind who creates sex slave who will do anything for him, by use of the mind control drug Kamyla.

Kangoku Senkan

Kangoku SenkanGenres:
Rape, ScienceFiction, Brainwashing, Domination,

Description: Lieri Bishop, an up-and-coming New Solar Commander, and her aide, Major Naomi Evans. board a battleship to earth to report the Neo Terrors� crimes to the Universal Federeation. The captain of the ship and of the Neo Terrors, Donny Bogan, has had a grudge on them since four years ago when they had sabotaged a kidnapping mission on earth and got him arrested. So he has his chance and brainwashes them. Now when the lights change in the battleship, their personalities switches to one that suits the crew and that�s when the �sexual� party begins...

Kanin Tokkyuu Michi Shio

Kanin Tokkyuu Michi ShioGenres:
Domination, Bondage, BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: A rumor spreads among young people that if a person gets on "that" train, he/she will disappear... Most of them don't believe it, but it exists... It's called Michishio. Michishio was invented to train young girls and make them sex slaves. At first sight, the train is completely the same as a normal train. However, it shows its true self once in a few months. The girls who get on the train are severely trained and become sex slaves... Seiji is a train conductor. He can do whatever he wants to the girls on the train since he has a special training ability. And another Michishio now departs...

Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake

Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai WakeGenres:
Rape, Nurses, Domination, Reverse, Rape, Yuri,

Description: Seiji is a permanent part-timer. He has been dating a girl, Ai, for two years and he is now thinking about marrying her. But one day, he has a traffic accident and breaks his leg and becomes hospitalized. Ai promises, with a smile, to visit him every day. But their relationship gradually changes after his hospitalization. A real estate broker who hit Seiji. A guy at the same hospital room. A handsome doctor in charge of him. A co-worker at his shop. A nurse who is his ex-girlfriend. Various people cut in on Seiji and Ai's relationship. Will they be able to overcome it and keep their relationship?

Kansen 2: Inzai Toshi

Kansen 2: Inzai ToshiGenres:
Domination, Rape, Supernatural, BigBreasts, GroupYuri, Maids, School,

Description: Kansen 2 (like the first series) takes place during the initial outbreak of the Unknown virus epidemic, but the protagonists here have a much harder lot because they are stuck in the middle of a contaminated city immediately after its destruction by a mysterious cataclysm. Stalked by hordes of infected maniacs, Hiroshi Ookura and his friends seek safety inside a mostly intact shopping mall, but madness and death are everywhere...

Kansen 3: Shuto Houkai

Kansen 3: Shuto HoukaiGenres:
Domination, Rape, Supernatural, BigBreasts, Group, Yuri, School,

Description: Four years have passed since the initial outbreak of the Unknown virus epidemic, and the terrifying plague which depopulated the Tohoku region of Japan has been reduced to a mere memory, thanks to drastic quarantine measures coupled with an effective vaccine. But the Unknown virus is not dead yet and soon, very soon, an unescapable doom will fall upon Wataru Ayase and his family and friends, trapping them inside the �Hell on Earth� madhouse which originally was their home city, Tokyo...

Kansen 5: The Daybreak

Kansen 5: The DaybreakGenres:
Domination, Rape, Supernatural, BigBreasts, Group, Yuri,

Description: Oogami Island is normally a peaceful isle with lush green scenery, but is now a place of depraved wanton lust. The contagion Unknown - Level 4 has become epidemic. 3 girls, Hyuuga Natsu, Ochi Akari, and Hanazawa Airi find themselves trapped in a sports facility where they are assaulted by the infected.

Kansen Ball Buster The Animation

Kansen Ball Buster The AnimationGenres:
Domination, Rape, Supernatural, BigBreasts, Group, Yuri, School, Teacher,

Description: Kansen Ball Buster The Animation is based on the erotic Hentai game by Speed. Taking place in the same universe as the previous Kansen movies, about a virus that takes over people through sexual intercourse.

Kansen: Inyoku no Rensa

Kansen: Inyoku no RensaGenres:
Domination, Rape, Supernatural, BigBreasts, Group, Yuri, School, Teacher,

Description: Extracurricular club activities are the norm for Japanese schools, but an all-night movie event scheduled at school and in August still sounds strange/unusual, especially considering the tiny size of the Movie Research Club (merely six students). And indeed, the two teachers supporting this novelty have hidden motives/objectives, although also the six students themselves chose to participate in the event for personal/secret reasons�

Kanzen Mushusei: Sorezore no Houkago

Kanzen Mushusei: Sorezore no HoukagoGenres:
Anal, Dildos, Vibrators, FemaleStudent, Loli, Rape,

Description: 4 girls get their first taste of what it's like to be a woman.

Karakuri Ninja Girl

Karakuri Ninja GirlGenres:
Rape, Action, SmallBreasts, Yuri,

Description: Ninja—they might be, but they're human, after all. They wish for an ordinary life in the city. Dreaming of their beautiful life together, two shadows leave the Ninja Country... They are Suzuka and Tsukikage. The chase is on, and once captured, they are subjected to an extremely erotic punishment. Have they learned their lesson? No. The joy of being "watched" drives them day and night, indoors and outdoors, everywhere. Ninja clan head Lady Youga finally has enough of the lovey-dovey lust energy running all over the place. Now that they are expelled, Suzuka and Tsukikage finally fulfill their dream of starting a sweet life, but they are interrupted by another escaped ninja, Sagari.


Rape, Humiliation, Yuri, Group,

Description: During the school soccer game, the cheering squad rebels against its captain, Ryo, and threatens to quit. To keep her squad together, Ryo accepts a challenge from her squad members. The first challenge is to keep cheering perfectly while having a sex toy inside her the whole time. However, the challenges keep getting worse. Ryo is sexually assaulted by the cheerleading squad. She is forced to agree to group sex with the rugby team. Will Ryo be able to complete the challenges? Will she be able to keep the team together, and remain the captain?


Rape, Domination,

Description: Kousuke Ninomiya is a security guard at a all-around department store, who blackmails female shoppers who shoplift for sexual favors in return of not turning them in to the police.

Keraku no Oh: King of Pleasure

Keraku no Oh: King of PleasureGenres:
Anal, Bakunyuu, Rape,

Description: No friends, daily beatings by bullies & even his parents have given up on Ryouichi. However, his life changes one day when a new girl transfers to his class. Chihiro is an old childhood friend, and she remembers Ryouichi. She is unaware that he has suffered brain damage from an injury he sustained while they were playing together as children. Riddled with guilt, she offers to do anything for him. Taking advantage of the situation, Ryouichi demands sex from her. Her conscience does not allow Chihiro to back out, and she agrees. Ryouichi quickly learns that he is infallible in bed, and vows to make every woman who has wronged him his sexual slave!

Kimi no Na wo Yobeba

Kimi no Na wo YobebaGenres:
Group, Rape, Humiliation, Orgy,

Description: Based on the manga by Amazume Ryuta.

Kindan no Byoutou

Kindan no ByoutouGenres:
Nurses, Group, Gangbang, BigBreasts, Domination, Futanari, Rape,

Description: Based on the erotic game by Atelier Kaguya Team Heartbeat.

Kininaru Kimochi

Kininaru KimochiGenres:
Gangbang, Rape,

Description: Short stories centring around non-consensual elevator sex. Illusional Elevator Rikako Sawada was there for an interview, not knowing she was getting more! Told to change into an elevator girl�s uniform, she waited in the elevator as a man stepped in. Right after the door closed, the man started molesting Rikako! What will happen to her? Will she get the job? Wife in the Box The elevator stops suddenly. Trapped inside are a housewife and a salary-man. The man had pictured her naked body, and imagined having her. Surprised at first, the housewife would gradually scream in delight. Will the two be all right in the closed elevator�? Pervert Brassiere When the cursed bra is worn, the wearer would be molested and raped; however, the curious Yoko tradeed it for her own bra, not knowing what would happen. Inside the company elevator on her way home, the molesting and rape begin. Is it the magic power of the curse or the power of lewdness and lust?

Kisaku Spirit: The Letch Lives

Kisaku Spirit: The Letch LivesGenres:
Magic, Drama, Rape, Loli, School,

Description: After Kisaku died, he had a strong desire that his spirit was still wandering around. Yuri noticed a guy who resembled Kisaku, but he was actully a hard worker named Kusaki, who had a good nature and was far different from Kisaku. When they first met, Kisaku�s spirit appeared and started to haunt Kusaki. Eventually Kisaku took over Kusaki.

Kisaku the Letch

Kisaku the LetchGenres:
Magic, Drama, Rape, Loli, School, Harem,

Description: Kisaku, professional letch and all-purpose pervert, is the best when it comes to blackmailing the local women into performing lurid sex acts. While quality is preferable over quantity, Kisaku has some plans for both.

Kisaku the Letch - MIX

Kisaku the Letch - MIXGenres:
Magic, Drama, Rape, Loli, School, Harem,

Description: A compilation of scenes from Kisaku the Letch, with new content.


Action, Drama, Police, Rape, Romance, Loli, Psychological,

Description: Sawa is a school girl, an orphan, and an assassin. She is being controlled by a corrupt cop who gives her targets to kill, detailing to her the crimes these men have committed in order to justify their death. Some of his power over Sawa has to do with her deceased parents and the promise of revenge. When another orphan, a teenage boy called Oburi, is brought in to assist Sawa, the two teenage killers form a bond of sorts. As they heal each other�s emotional wounds, they begin to dream of a life that would not be spent under the shadows of murder.

Ko Ko Ro

Ko Ko RoGenres:
Incest, Loli, Small, Breasts, Rape,

Description: Kuonji Souji seems to have it all going for him. He is handsome, popular and excels at his club activities. His past is another thing altogether -as a boy, he was raped repeatedly by his foster parents. The years have passed, and he has tried to forget by repressing those memories. They are still there, though, and come to him as hallucinations. Who is the raven-haired beauty he keeps seeing in those visions? Does she hold the key to unlock his past?

Koikishi Purely Kiss: The Animation

Koikishi Purely Kiss: The AnimationGenres:
Rape, Magical, Girl, Tentacles, Rape,

Description: Based on the erotic game by Effordom Soft.

Kotowari: Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera

Kotowari: Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta KakeraGenres:
School, BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: There is no plot summary for Kotowari: Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera at this moment. We'll work on getting one up as soon as possible!

Koukai Benjo The Animation

Koukai Benjo The AnimationGenres:
Rape, Torture, Bondage, Domination, Group, Scat,

Description: There is no plot summary for Koukai Benjo The Animation at this moment. We'll work on getting one up as soon as possible!

Koutetsu no Majo Annerose

Koutetsu no Majo AnneroseGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Gangbang, Yuri,

Description: The stage is set in an abandoned city called Amidahara, inhabited by monsters, criminals and armed refugees. There lives Annerose, a female witch blade, who runs a private detective agency. One day, a girl named Miki comes by and asks Annerose for help in finding her brother. Starting from her request, Annerose gets involved in fierce power struggles between the dark forces in the city...

Kowaku no Toki

Kowaku no TokiGenres:
BDSM, Bestiality, Bondage, BigBreasts, Rape, Scat, Torture,

Description: Within a western-style mansion located deep in the hills, an obscene ritual is taking place. Hongou Yukino is being trained as the new shrine maiden via harsh and shameful methods. Trapped as she is, all she can do is silently pray for deliverance. One day, an investigator by the name of Mibu Kyousuke happens upon the mansion...


Maids, Slave, Rape, Android, MagicalGirl, Uncensored,

Description: Aki is an Andromaid, half android, half maid. Created to infiltrate the house of Kenichi, she disguises herself as an ordinary housekeeper. Her mission is to capture a sample of Kenichi`s superior sperm, but she ends up with more than she bargained for. Will her android heart find love after comforting her sad new master?

Kowaremono II

Kowaremono IIGenres:
Maid, Fantasy, Android, Rape, Humiliation, Uncensored,

Description: Aki, an Andmaid (Android-Maid) developed for the purpose of collecting high-quality sperm from all over the world. Thanks to a mad scientist, she can now transform into a super heroine!? A plot more twisted than the last… Aki was supposed to become scrap by now. But thanks to Professor, she is now working in his laboratory. One day, Professor asked Aki to become his guinea pig for his research. Aki was to become a Super Andmaid that protect the world`s peace. Just at that time, a giant robot begins to wreak havoc nearby. Now is the time for Super Andmaid Aki to rise to the occasion!! In the end, however, she gets captured. What awaited Aki, defender of justice, was torment and humiliation.

Kunoichi Gakuen Ninpouchou

Kunoichi Gakuen NinpouchouGenres:
Action, Comedy, Demons, MartialArts, Ninja, Rape, Violence,

Description: As night arrives the shadows of Koga fall on Iga and a new threat exists for our lusty vixens. After a torid sexual encounter Yatsurugi Shinobu�s best friend Mashiba Aya is infected with a parasitic bug and succumbs to its will. Having the same insatiable urges, the same tragedy is about to happen to Kage Lena. The only known antidote is stored deep within the labs of the Koga Institute and is the only thing which will save Kage Lena.

Kunoichi Sakuya

Kunoichi SakuyaGenres:
BigBreasts, Bondage, Rape, Ninjas,

Description: A female ninja undergoes sex training! What future lies ahead for innocent Sakuya?

Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru

Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni SomaruGenres:
Rape, Demons, Ogres, BigBreasts, Elves, Fantasy, Gangrape,

Description: An epic battle was taking place for more than several hundred years between two countries. One of them sent a special troop, but the soldiers went over to the other side and started invading the country they used to belong� Also, they declared the foundation of nation. In the country, all women had to serve all the male visitors sexually�

Kurutta Kyoutou: Danzai no Gakuen

Kurutta Kyoutou: Danzai no GakuenGenres:
Grope, Rape, Gangbang,

Description: The story about a school where all teaching staff - sexual maniacs. Coming to power, demure-teacher succumbed to the temptations of all at once. "We too are fossilized in its traditional" - he said the teachers. It appeared in the Tokyo School of debauchery, lust and sex.


Rape, Dildos, Vibrators,

Description: The best friend of a high school boy decides to destroy the perfect world around his friend by taking his stepmother, stepsisters, and female friends from him. Deceit, lust, and revenge are preformed by all parties before it all crashes down.

Kyouiku Shidou The Animation

Kyouiku Shidou The AnimationGenres:
SchoolGirl, Rape,

Description: Yoshiyuki loves having sex with girls. He is now a teacher and enjoys sex life with female students. Now that he has had sex with almost all of students, he decides to move to a different school. His next school is a famous girls� school... He meets various pretty girls there and soon plans to give �educational guidance� to them...

La Blue Girl

La Blue GirlGenres:
Adventure, Comedy, Erotica, Horror, Supernatural, Futanari, Inkakuhidai, MartialArts, Ninja, Tentacles, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: Mido is just a young, normal girl till she finds out that she comes from a blood line of sex ninjas. Now she and her little ninja buddy must stop 2 demons from opening the realm of the humans to the realm of the demons.

La Blue Girl Returns

La Blue Girl ReturnsGenres:
Tentacles, Fantasy, Demons, Rape, Yuri,

Description: A race of butterfly-demons named the Mahoroba want to enslave Miko Mido and her sister to steal them the seal case that control the Shikima. Their ultimate goal is to conquer the Shikima Brain, a legendary place of the Shikima realm which is said to confer the power to rule the universe.

Lady Blue

Lady BlueGenres:
Horror, Romance, ScienceFiction, Supernatural, Rape, Tentacles,

Description: Miko Mido has fallen in love for the first time. Too bad for her that she hasn�t the time to pursue the man of her dreams: there is a mysterious female ghost which is attacking Miko�s schoolmates and stealing their life-force, and someone has to investigate the case. However, it seems that the ominous phantom is willing to pursue Miko�s love interest, too...

Last Train to Gropesville

Last Train to GropesvilleGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Chikan, Incest,

Description: On her morning commute, a young woman witnesses a guy molesting a woman on the train. Though she does not try to stop him or call for help, she does do something about it: she pleasures herself. She soon gets caught up in the pervert’s world, becoming a willing victim and a recruiter for his dirty games. She then ups the ante, luring her hot friends into the trap. All aboard!

Last Waltz: Hakudaku Mamire no Natsu Gasshuku

Last Waltz: Hakudaku Mamire no Natsu GasshukuGenres:
Rape, Domination, Military, Group, Yuri, School,

Description: It was just supposed to be a summer training�. Yuki is a caretaker of the baseball club. She and other members stay at a training camp on the isolated island now. But one day, a civil war breaks out. Male teachers leave the island to see what�s going on. However, they never come back. Several days later, they know that their ship is wrecked. Nothing to drink... Nothing to eat... They gradually lose their self-control...


Rape, Yuri, Uncensored,

Description: Stuffing an old bag full of contents from a safe, Cruz hops on his motorcycle and faces an uncertain future.

Legend of Lyon Flare

Legend of Lyon FlareGenres:
Rape, Demons, Action, Fantasy, Magic,

Description: An army of invading aliens attack the peaceful land of Lyon with lust and carnage on their minds. Only the combined forces of Swordsman Zeke, Swordswoman Neris and the psychic Flare stand between the sadistic Glode and his total subjugation of the people of Lyon. In Flare 2, the forest of Lyon becomes host to a malevolent force that consumes all who trespass its borders. When Lady Neris and her brother Eo disappear while investigating, it is up to Flare to discover what new evil lurks in the heart of Lyon!

Legend of Lyon Flare: From New Struggles

Legend of Lyon Flare: From New StrugglesGenres:
Rape, Demons, Action, Fantasy, Magic,

Description: An ancient rivalry brews in a land of magic and mystery. The clan of Brastica, led by the seductive Queen Flair and her servant, quest to destroy the peaceful country of Reyon. To prevent the powerful Baron Jeek and the beautiful Lady Nelise from disrupting their plans, Desleen sets a devious trap. Desleen is driven by his hate for the heroic Baron Jeek.

Legend of Lyon Flare: The God of Darkness

Legend of Lyon Flare: The God of DarknessGenres:
Rape, Demons, Action, Fantasy, Magic,

Description: As an ancient rivalry brews in a land of magic and mystery, we find the clan Brastica, led by the evil Queen Flair and her loyal warrior Desleen, trying to destroy the peaceful city of Crossland, the capital of planet Reyon. Count Desleen, after years of being thwarted by the Baron Jeek of Barenheim, creates a devious plot to trap and exact revenge upon the Baron. Under the guise of hosting the largest tournament ever seen, Desleen plans to gather together all the legendary warriors from all the far away lands and destroy them. But as with all plans, there are always wildcards. Like the mysterious female warrior Nerise, who has been hunting Jeek for many years. Will she help Jeek or kill him? Will Desleen�s servants from Hell drain her of all her strength and kill Jeek in the tournament? Can Jeek beat Desleen and his clan warriors and save the Crossland from their evil plans?

Legend of the Wolf Woman

Legend of the Wolf WomanGenres:
Tentacles, Rape, Bondage, Bestiality,

Description: After a strange hostage-taking case, SWAT officer Linda and her friend Mary, who works at the CSI division, discover that the perpetrator has contracted a mutated rabies virus from the hostage's dog, which is now on the loose. Soon, the city is flooded with people turned to freaks by the decease, and to their horror, Linda and Mary's mutual friend Kata, a stripper at the local night club, appears to have been bitten by the stray dog, too...

Lesson of Darkness

Lesson of DarknessGenres:
Rape, Tentacles, Demons,

Description: Seventy years ago, several mysterious murders occurred in Tokyo, Japan. Young, beautiful women were found dead, their bodies dried up like ancient mummies. Now young women are dying the same way and Miho, a 19 year-old college student discovers that a weird stranger is stalking her. While her best friend Azusa, is busy seducing their professor, she discovers he is not human at all, but a horrible tentacle-endowed monster. Now that his dark secret is revealed, both girls are on the run for their life, but can she escape from the hideous monster disguised as a mild-mannered professor.

Lewd Room

Lewd RoomGenres:
BDSM, Bondage, Incest, Maid, Rape,

Description: Kazuki, a wealthy young man, yet struck by a terminal illness, lives in his big mansion with numerous female servants. Among them is Nanase, who fell in love with Kazuki. She is trying her best to make him understand the joys of life. However, ever since Kazuki's sister noticed her feelings, jealousy drives her to discipline Nanase whenever possible in her "torture chamber"...

Like Mother Like Daughter

Like Mother Like DaughterGenres:
Incest, Rape, Group, EnglishDubbed, Uncensored,

Description: An earnest and masculine husband, a beautiful and gentle wife, a handsome son, and a cute daughter � They say that this is an ideal family, but� The husband, Koichi, leaves his wife, Yukiko, in favor of a young girl. At the same time, the son persuades his sister to engage in carnal relations with him. This seemingly proper family is changed into �Donburi Kazoku(*)� by the visit of Koichi�s father.

Love Doll

Love DollGenres:
Drama, BDSM, Bondage, Loli, Rape, Yuri,

Description: The story of young Rachel is a sad one. Orphaned as a small child, abused by a jealous rival, and the object of lust by those who are supposed to be caretakers, she still tries to maintain a positive attitude about her future. Aided by her only friend Beth, her budding romance with Prince Andrew falls under jeopardy when a distant relative whisks her away for purposes unknown.

M Okui: Last Order

M Okui: Last OrderGenres:
Rape, Gangbang, BigBreasts,

Description: Anime adaptation of the same name manga by Kurosugi Shinsaku.

M.E.M.: Lost Virginity

M.E.M.: Lost VirginityGenres:
Bondage, Torture, Rape, BDSM,

Description: Deep underground, a scientist is transforming females into sex slaves. Some for selling, some for secret projects for his own enjoyment.

Machi Gurumi no Wana: Hakudaku ni Mamireta Shitai

Machi Gurumi no Wana: Hakudaku ni Mamireta ShitaiGenres:
Incest, Rape, Loli, BigBreasts,

Description: Lewd eyes from all directions... Atsuko has just moved to a town to work as a teacher. She looks forward to her new life there, but what awaits her is�. Yes, she gradually gets involved in a storm of sexual assaults planned by the everyone in town...

Magical Kanan Summer Camp

Magical Kanan Summer CampGenres:
Yuri, Magical Girl, Rape, Tentacles, Demons,

Description: Chihaya & friends come to the beach for summer camp. There they meet their classmate Nami Minami. She likes Natsuki, but doesn�t have the courage to talk to him. As the darkness inside Nami grows, she finds an old mansion where the �Netherworld Tree� awaits her. It was the start of the incident that would rock the boat?

Magical Witch Academy: Boku to Sensei no Magical Lesson

Magical Witch Academy: Boku to Sensei no Magical LessonGenres:
Witches, Rape, School, Magic, BigBreasts, Teacher, Group,

Description: In a world where magic is common, there is the most prestigious school called Wizadia Magic Academy. Tsukasa Strobilanthus, the only guy in the all-girls school, is here to learn how to control his powers the Mystic Eyes. Whenever his glasses are removed, his powers go out of control, making any girl he glares at into a state of horniness. Tsukasa has been sent to this school to find the one person in which his powers are useless against so he can learn how to control his Mystic Eyes.

Mahou Shoujo Ai

Mahou Shoujo AiGenres:
Comedy, Horror, Magic, Mystery, Supernatural, MagicalGirl, Monsters, School, Rape, Tentacles,

Description: In a certain town, there were consecutive phantom assaults. Because the incidents were extraordinarily, there was a rumor that a ghost or supernatural creature caused them. The students in the school which Akitoshi went to were frightened. One day, an unknown girl appeared in the school. However, all the students except Akitoshi thought they had known her. Feeling strange, he shadowed her in order to investigate her but he lost sight of her. At that moment, he heard the scream of a woman from the nearby material yard and went to the place where the scream came from. There he found the beautiful girl of the school, Mikage. Mikage was surrounded by monsters �Yuragi� (fluctuation), and she was hanged naked. Yuragi noticed Akitoshi and began to attack him. Then, the fighter, Ai, appeared and cut them down. Akitoshi stared at Ai. What was her true character, an enemy or an ally?

Mahou Shoujo Elena

Mahou Shoujo ElenaGenres:
Magic, Supernatural, Tentacles, Rape, MagicalGirl, Yuri,

Description: With the help from a mysterious creature, Elena turned herself into a magical girl to beat Zoid, a tentacle monster to save her sister, Emile. Since that day, to protect her sister and to keep peace on the earth, Elena started to fight against the ugly creatures as a magical girl! However, what awaited her is a harsh destiny: immoral days of naughty humiliations. And her battle eventually involves her sister and her dead mother. Can Elena exterminate the tentacle monster, or is she driven crazy and lost her reason by the ecstasy?

Mahou Shoujo Isuka

Mahou Shoujo IsukaGenres:
MagicalGirl, Rape, Tentacles, Yuri,

Description: The evil stone conceives a part of the king of the hell�s power in a different world. To prevent his revival, the stone is implanted into a body of a magical girl! Now the clans from the hell follow after her. The evil stone cannot be regained by a simple destruction of the body. Thus, they start disgracing the magical girl in various ways!

Mahou Shoujo Sae

Mahou Shoujo SaeGenres:
Magic, Supernatural, Tentacles, Rape, Magical, Girl,

Description: Our heroine, Sae, has to combat aliens and attempt to save Earth from being taken over!

Mahou Shoujo wa Kiss Shite Kawaru

Mahou Shoujo wa Kiss Shite KawaruGenres:
Rape, MagicalGirl, Tentacles, Rape,

Description: Based on the adult PC game by TeamBitters.

Mahya the Servant

Mahya the ServantGenres:
Maids, Rape, Domination,

Description: Mahya, a new timer in the delivery maid service, is sent to Professor Takahata's residence from the company to do maid service. However, what she doesn't know is that she is going to be tricked and tormented by the male student, calling himself, "Professor Takahata."

Maison Plaisir

Maison PlaisirGenres:
Loli, Bondage, Rape, Scat, Group, Shota, Yuri, Uncensored,

Description: The mistress of a boarding house entertains her new tenant in exciting fashion. Full of naughty games, submission and outrageous sex scenes.

Manin Densha

Manin DenshaGenres:
Rape, Grope, Group, Chikan,

Description: While riding the train, some girls get into trouble.

Medical Humiliation

Medical HumiliationGenres:
Nurses, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: Ryuki has made a full recovery, and now it's finally time to check out of the hospital; however, he's desperate not to leave! The head nurse, Rumi, has a penchant for tying down the other nurses and torturing them while masturbating. Nurse Nozomi needs to have sex constantly, with anyone or anything. Nurses Sarina and Rinka have even stranger desires. Ryuki's not going anywhere until he's gone through the whole nursing staff, and the hospital director Himiko, too!

Mei King

Mei KingGenres:
Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Supernatural, MagicalGirl, Fantasy, Domination, Bondage, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: One day a poor shepard boy named Cain stumbles upon a fairy trapped in a cave. The fairy helps him rescue a young princess, and suddenly Cain becomes a Lord. If he can make his country the most prosperous in 5 years he'll get the princess's hand in marriage, which isn't easy, because people take advantage of his youth. However, he also gets to meet and woo many pretty girls.

Mesu Kyoushi Injoku no Kyoushitsu

Mesu Kyoushi Injoku no KyoushitsuGenres:
Domination, BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: Toudou Miyuki and Sanada Eiji are teachers in the same school and lovers. They had decided that they would preserve their chastity until they are married. However, Miyuki is assaulted and loses her virginity to Takuya, Eijis step-brother. Furthermore, it doesnt stop there as Takuya turns his attention on the other female teachers one after the other.

Mesu Saga: Persona

Mesu Saga: PersonaGenres:
Gangbang, Rape,

Description: No synopsis has been added for this series yet.

Midnight Sleazy Train

Midnight Sleazy TrainGenres:
Drama, Domination, Loli, Bondage, Rape, Chikan, Uncensored,

Description: In a crowded train, strangers are likely to end up being too close for comfort. But for some people, being too close is a comfort. When a poor conductor witnesses the bizarre yet inviting ritual of anonymous train sex, he jumps on the opportunity to turn it into a business. Every night after the midnight train ends its route, he turns it into a rolling bordello. get ready to climb aboard... the sleazy train is COMING

Midnight Sleazy Train Track 2

Midnight Sleazy Train Track 2Genres:
Drama, Domination, Loli, Bondage, Rape, BigBreasts, Chikan, Grope,

Description: Track two is now boarding. Some towns have legends of haunted houses or underground communities in the sewers. But in Takumi�s town, the ultimate urban legend is the Midnight Sleazy Train. Desperate for a spot on the train, Takumi waits by the station after hours. But he finds that you can�t just buy a ticket. Only by bringing the perfect female guest can you ensure permission to come aboard.

Midnight Strike Force

Midnight Strike ForceGenres:
Tentacles, Rape, Yuri, Domination, Loli, Bondage, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Bestiality,

Description: A super-secret cult of lesbians performs erotic experiments on bodies from the local hospital. Their purpose: to revive the spirit of their ancient leader in a virile human form. Now it`s up to the Midnight Strike Force, a team of busty justice fighters, to go under-cover (and under the covers) to stop the nefarious acolytes before they succeed in their diabolically dirty schemes.

Mikagura Detective Agency

Mikagura Detective AgencyGenres:
Rape, Domination, Mystery, Anal, Virgin,

Description: It was Taisho era. Mikagura Tokito was the director of a detective agency, which has solved a lot of cases. One day he disappeared involved in an accident. Tomoe, Shigeno, and Chizuru, who adored him, got anxious about him. Hearing that Shigenos elder brother had seen him at a church in a foreign country, so they travelled there hoping to meet him again. However, it was a dead body of a priest in a church which they found there. Furthermore, they found his arms had been cut off from his body. Because they thought his death had something to do with Tokitos disappearance, they would investigate the case. Suddenly they were attacked by men. Being involved in danger, they tried to find Tokito but will they find him?

Mission of Darkness

Mission of DarknessGenres:
Tentacles, Domination, Rape, Bunnygirls, ScienceFiction,

Description: An alien life form has landed on the planet Earth and is impregnating women in violent ways to bear its offspring. Behind the scenes however, a team of scientists, politicians and even the National Guard are trying to find a way to stop the creature. Little do they know that another alien has come to Earth seeking the monster to take it back to where it came from.

Mistreated Bride

Mistreated BrideGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Sex, Slave, BigBreasts, Incest, NTR, Anal,

Description: Mitsuko is a beautiful woman who had just married. She went to her husband�s house and began to live with his family, but it was the beginning of her life as a sex slave for most of the males in her husband�s family.

Mitama: Nin

Mitama: NinGenres:
Ninja, Rape, Historical, Yuri, Gangbang,

Description: The world has fallen into disorder, it divided into the north and the south and after Kakamura has been destroyed both lands now fight over the world. capitals gave been born, one in the north and one in the south with its respective Emperor. In this age there are people who live as Shinobi/Ninjas...

Mizugi Kanojo: The Animation

Mizugi Kanojo: The AnimationGenres:
Domination, BigBreasts, Rape, Yuri, Ninja, Nurses,

Description: Girls that seem to not have much in common-except for the fact that they enjoy having sex while wearing swimsuits-discover that they have a link in the far past. One of them is the descendant of a female ninja who specialized in sexual combat-beating her enemies through draining their sexual energy. Sometimes the spirit of that ancestor will awake, and her descendant�s boyfriend is will pay for it.

Mofuku Tsuma

Mofuku TsumaGenres:
Yuri, Rape, Group,

Description: The main character is Sounen, a rookie monk. He has an ambition to �console widows with his sacred penis�. He works hard and patiently waits for a chance to take action. Several months later, the chance to carry out his plan has finally arrived. Yes, a beautiful woman has lost her husband in an accident. Sounen pretends to comfort her and...


Rape, School, Maids, Yuri, Domination, BigBreasts, Bondage,

Description: Story begins as Momiji's chastity is taken by Kazuto. We learn that Momiji is a girl without a will of her own, while Kazuto is the son of a wealthy and influential family. Kazuto took an interest in Momiji when he saw her at school, and he went out of his way to get her to come live in his house as a maid.

Moonlight Lady

Moonlight LadyGenres:
Drama, Domination, Romance, Supernatural, BigBreasts, Bondage, Rape, Yuri, Group,

Description: Suzuna is a young miko (Shintō priestess) who lives in a mansion in rural Japan, and who is in training for a forthcoming great rite. A marriage has been arranged for her, and her fianc� is brought to her home, much to her dismay. But the mansion may be haunted, and a strange curse seems to take possession of its inhabitants...

Moral Hazard

Moral HazardGenres:

Description: One day while walking home from school, a young college girl is followed by a creepy old man. She runs to a nearby park in an attempt to get away from him, but is captured by someone hiding in the shadows.

Mouryou no Nie

Mouryou no NieGenres:
Bakunyuu, BigBreasts, Rape, Tentacles,

Description: Hundreds of years ago, a big war between humans and monsters happened. Humans somehow won the war and sealed up the monsters deep in the mountains.... Hayato, Chihiro and Suzuna work hard to eliminate and seal up evil monsters every day. They are actually monsters, but they just want to coexist with humans. One day, they hear that the monsters sealed up hundreds of years ago are about to come out... To stop it, they decide to visit the place...

My My Mai

My My MaiGenres:
Comedy, Detective, Ecchi, Horror, BigBreasts, Pantsu, Parody, Romance, Rape, Slapstick, Stereotypes, SuperDeformed, Violence,

Description: Mai runs a consulting business and is often the last hope for people with problems, and she will use whatever means necessary to get the job done.

Mystery of the Necronomicon

Mystery of the NecronomiconGenres:
Rape, Domination, Yuri, Bondage, Horror, Mystery,

Description: While vacationing with his adopted daughter, Private Detective Susuki becomes trapped in a secluded ski resort with a few other vacationers after a storm closes the place down. All is well until one of the guests is found brutally murdered. Being the good investigator he is, Susuki gets to work to find the killer. While digging for the killer, Susuki uncovers a lot of dirt on the other guests and even finds out a thing or two about his own past. But, as Susuki struggles to find the killer, the other guests start to point the finger at him.

Natsumushi The Animation

Natsumushi The AnimationGenres:
Loli, Rape, Group,

Description: A young man discovers the true erotic touch with it he can tease almost reaching orgasm on any woman, so he decides to use it on his companions with some interesting results.

Nee, Chanto Shiyou Yo!

Nee, Chanto Shiyou Yo!Genres:
Rape, Domination, Incest,

Description: When Kuuya�s parents died, he was adopted by the Hiiragi family. In a household of six elder sisters, he was the only guy. In time, he fell in love with his sister Kaname, but their father noticed and was worried about what it could become so he sent Kuuya to his distant relatives. Now Kuuya has decided to return and pay a visit to his sisters, who are more than pleased to have him back�at least, most of them...

Nerawareta Megami Tenshi Angeltia

Nerawareta Megami Tenshi AngeltiaGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Tentacles,

Description: Based on the adult game by Syrup: Many Milk.


Rape, BigBreasts, Housewives,

Description: A housewife gets raped by a random guy and continues to have sex with him while her husband is away.

Netorare Fighter Yaricchingu!

Netorare Fighter Yaricchingu!Genres:
Rape, BigBreasts,

Description: Ai has been captured and is held hostage at a luxury ship, Harry goes to her rescue but when he arrives he witnesses Ai's humiliation at the hands of Onizaki and his goons. Harry and his friends cant do anything but witness Ai being sexually abused, what's worst Ai will be the main attraction in the ships "special ring"

Netorare Zuma

Netorare ZumaGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: Reiko is sexually frustrated because her husband is obsessed with an idol that looks like her and only says the idols name during sex. Reiko tells Hiroakis friend Taniguchi about this and offers to become sex friends to release all her pent up frustrations.

Night Shift Nurses

Night Shift NursesGenres:
Psychological, Bondage, Nurse, Rape, Scat, Torture, Domination, Uncensored,

Description: A doctor is hired by a woman he had raped in his past to help create a special �treatment room� for special patients. They hand pick a group of beautiful, young girls with problems and prepare them for training.

Night Shift Nurses 2

Night Shift Nurses 2Genres:
Bondage, Nurse, Rape, Futanari,

Description: An elite doctor Kuwahara couldnt forget his thought toward Nanase Ren, whom he had loved in his youth. Then he changed the hospital to work one after another to look for her, and finally he met her again at the St. Cattleya Hospital. However, her attitude was remote and his love couldnt be fulfilled. To make the matter worse, he received photograph on which Ren was molested. Ren had been turned into a lewd woman by Hirasaka by the woman body experiment when she was at the St. Julianna Hospital. He was disappointed and he lost his mind. Kazama Mana who was a nurse of the gynecology and obstetrics section, loved Kuwahara, and she resembled Ren. Taking advantage of her thoughts, Kuwahara raped her and deprived her virginity shouting the name of Ren.

Night Shift Nurses 3: Experiment

Night Shift Nurses 3: ExperimentGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Domination, Scat, Yuri,

Description: Sora, who was critically injured, was saved and hospitalized. He was then moved to a special ward by the beautiful director, Reika Mikage, because of his �healthy� body. After meeting her, he was asked to be a test subject for a new medicine. He has no kin, so a nurse, Yū Yagami, was put in charge. As a reward during the process, the director gave him the authority to do what he wants not just to Yū, but other members of the hospital staff.

Night Shift Nurses Special

Night Shift Nurses SpecialGenres:
Psychological, Bondage, Nurse, Rape, Scat, Torture, Domination, Uncensored,

Description: A doctor is hired by a woman he had raped in his past to help create a special "treatment room" for special patients. They hand pick a group of beautiful, young girls with problems and prepare them for training.

Night Shift Nurses: Kranke

Night Shift Nurses: KrankeGenres:
Psychological, Bondage, Nurse, Rape, Scat, Torture, Domination,

Description: A side story from the original: Ai wishes to be a real woman, after thinking that she had dreamed her sister doing with the doctor. On the other hand, Ryuji Hirasaka wants to have his pervert experiments trial on Hikaru. Instead, the doctor becomes a savior to Hikaru & Ai for his new invention having both sisters doing it to one another and Ai thought that it as a dream� The last episode ends as the doctor and his newly wedded bride nurse, Ren, went exile to a village to continue his medical practice... and of course his experiment only on his bride.

Night Shift Nurses: Mana Kazama

Night Shift Nurses: Mana KazamaGenres:
Bondage, Nurse, Rape, Domination, Scat, Torture,

Description: This anime focuses on Kazama Mana, the main character of Yakin Byoto 2. She is an intern works for a sanatorium as an intern nurse. Mana looks up to Nightingale, and she want to be an angel in white like her. But, Mizukawa Wataru, the patient whose days are numbered, says to her that there�s no angel and begins to make her a sex game.

Night Shift Nurses: Ren Nanase

Night Shift Nurses: Ren NanaseGenres:
Bondage, Nurse, Rape, Scat, Torture, Domination,

Description: Ren Nanase, a nurse at a hospital, wants to do her best. But the way she encounters some patients tempts her and the descending spiral begins. The plot centers around �patient-like files� in which each scene is more depraved than the preceding one, approaching to the maximum perversion.

Night Shift Nurses: Yagami Yu

Night Shift Nurses: Yagami YuGenres:
Bondage, Nurse, Rape, Domination, Scat, Torture,

Description: As for the preceding OVAs from Shifting nurse, the plot of this one centers around Yagami Yuu (or Yu) who likes being a responsible nurse at a hospital, she tooks her work in first place, giving pleasure to the hopeless patients in a descending spiral in a non-stop way, each time more perverted and dirty, reaching the downs of sexual behavior.

Nightmare Campus

Nightmare CampusGenres:
Rape, Demons, Supernatural, Horror, Yuri, Monsters, Uncensored,

Description: During an archeological expedition to a forbidden Himalayan temple, 19-year-old Masao Sera stumbled upon a bloody, sacrificial rite designed to throw open the Gates of Hell. Meanwhile, a dark force has descend upon Masao�s college. Fights, gang violence and rape are the order of the day. But now, some of the gangs have started to develop supernatural powers and unholy appetites. As demonic entities battle for control of the campus, the conflict threatens to grow into armageddon when Masao mysteriously returns with the King of the Underworld bound to his mortal soul.

Ningyou no Yakata Doll

Ningyou no Yakata DollGenres:
Rape, BDSM, Bondage,

Description: So was working at the house of a millionaire, Katsuragi during the summer break. Though the house located deep in mountains far from the town, he enjoyed the days with a beautiful lady, her daughter, and charming maids. One day, he found a mysterious dollhouse in the attic. Inside it, there were dolls that looked like people in the house. He found that the doll had a magical power to manipulate the person at his will, and he made the women his sexual slaves one after another not knowing it is the way to lead to the ruin...


SmallBreasts, Rape, Humiliation,

Description: Based on the adult manga by Shiwasu no Okina.

Offside Girl

Offside GirlGenres:
School, Sports, Rape, BigBreasts,

Description: Nanami is a girl who always liked Akira, but she thinks that the thing that got in the middle of their love was soccer, therefore she kind of hates soccer. One day Akira asks her to be the soccer school team manager and she denies it, but after that she is forced to be and after that their new sex lives begin a new cycle.

Ona x2

Ona x2Genres:
Gangbang, Rape,

Description: The story begins with a very sexually active female lead imagining all possibly risky situations that she would have or could have had with her date if he didn't leave for the evening.

Oni Chichi

Oni ChichiGenres:
Rape, Yuri, Harem, Incest, Loli,

Description: Marina and Airi�s mother divorced few years ago and got remarried recently to a young man. While Marina accepts her new stepfather, Airi detests him. Little do they know that really he�s a pervert that sniffs their underwear and wants to make them his own by making a love drug that will turn Marina and Airi into a sex-hungry sluts. When Airi comes home and notices her schoolmate Sana giving him a blowjob, he sprays the drug on her. Now he will do with them whatever he pleases.

Oni Chichi 2

Oni Chichi 2Genres:
Domination, Incest, BigBreasts, Bondage, Rape, Harem, Loli, SmallBreasts,

Description: One week after losing his wife in an accident, the father of the Makino family finds himself thinking the wrong thing about his four lovely daughters. When the rebellious Natsume gets into trouble at school, it�s time for daddy dearest to administer some discipline of the sexual variety. Soon, he�s giving the same treatment to motherlike Akira, over-achieving Haruka, and sickly Fuyu. Whether they want it or not.

Oni Chichi 2: Harvest

Oni Chichi 2: HarvestGenres:
Domination, Incest, BigBreasts, Bondage, Rape, Harem, Loli, SmallBreasts,

Description: No synopsis has been added for this series yet.

Oni Chichi 2: Revenge

Oni Chichi 2: RevengeGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Incest, Loli,

Description: A sequel to Oni Chichi 2, a story about a father and his lustful happenings with his four daughters.

Oni Chichi Re-born

Oni Chichi Re-bornGenres:
Incest, Rape, Romance, Loli,

Description: Continuing after the events of Oni Chichi: Re-birth... Airi, Marina, and their step father, Takami, leave for a trip to a hot springs resort. But Marina makes last minute plans and just the two of them go. Takami still constantly tries to drug Airi.

Oni Chichi: Re-birth

Oni Chichi: Re-birthGenres:
Incest, Rape, Harem, Loli,

Description: Airi keeps her relation with her father but he treats her as an object sometimes which makes her angry. One day while watching a movie she gets assaulted giving start to an affair with one of her schools teachers.

Oni Chichi: Rebuild

Oni Chichi: RebuildGenres:
Rape, Loli, Incest,

Description: Based on the erotic game by Blue Gale.

Oni Tensei

Oni TenseiGenres:
Demons, Fantasy, Horror, Rape, Violence, Yuri,

Description: There is an ancient legend that says if a tattoo is drawn to perfection, it will come to life. Reiko Kure is a female detective with a strange massacre on her hands. Some kind of huge animal savagely murdered thirteen members of the mafia, and only the quiet Ema Nozomi was left at the scene. Ema is taken into protective custody. However, every man left with her is killed, and every woman left with her is raped. There are no clues, except the innocent Ema's strange tattoo, perfectly depicting a demon.

Onmyouji Ayakashi no Megami: Inran Jubaku

Onmyouji Ayakashi no Megami: Inran JubakuGenres:
Tentacles, Bondage, Rape, Group, Yuri,

Description: An evil goddess is trying to gain absolute power via absorbing the life energy of a human using a woman as a succubus. Four minor goddesses try to stop her, the goddess of Tiger, Dragon, Phoenix and Turtle, but their efforts seem useles as two of them fall under control of the evil godess. The life of the young human is being absorved so they must hurry to save him.

Onna Kyoushi Nijuusan-sai

Onna Kyoushi Nijuusan-saiGenres:
Rape, Group,

Description: Honjou Rumiko is a school teacher caught in a web of blackmail and deceit

Oppai Infinity! The Animation

Oppai Infinity! The AnimationGenres:
Anal, Gangbang, BigBreasts, Oppai, Rape,

Description: Based on the same name adult manga by Sawaru Erect.

Osananajimi to Doukyuusei

Osananajimi to DoukyuuseiGenres:
Psychological, Grope, Chikan, Rape, Betrayal,

Description: When going back home from school on the usual train line, Miyu�s breasts are groped by a train molester, there Shun, her classmate, appears and saves her. He walks her home and teases her about the chikan groping her breasts, plus he also kisses her. Miyu runs off home. The truth is however that the train incident was all a cunning trap plotted by Shun. Back home Miyu regrets having her first kiss stolen, then Kou, her childhood friend appears and due to Miyu losing her key takes her to his home. There Miyu confesses her first kiss was stolen, but kou tells her they have already kissed so it was not her first kiss�that night Kou takes Miyu�s virginity. The next day at school Shun apologizes and invites her home, Miyu accepts not knowing it�s a trap. There Shun drugs her and trains her as a sex slave�she resists it at first but�After that day when she remembers, she starts masturbating�did she actually like it? and want more? what about Kou?

Oshioki Gakuen Reijou Kousei Keikaku

Oshioki Gakuen Reijou Kousei KeikakuGenres:
School, Yuri, BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: A lecherous, perverted old teacher decides to blackmail his female students into doing perverse sexual acts with him.

Otome Chibaku Yuugi

Otome Chibaku YuugiGenres:
BigBreasts, Bondage, Rape, Yuri,

Description: Kaoru is a high school student who does not have the guts to go against his old friend Nanao. Nanao keeps giving Kaoru sexual orders which he is forced to obey. One day he decides to take revenge. And for the revenge he will use his other classmate Mayu as his trump card.

Otome Dori

Otome DoriGenres:
Group, School, Rape, Domination,

Description: Okino Kazuki is a normal student who is happy with his staid life. There are two important girls in his life: his sister, Rinka and childhood friend Sakuragi Otome. His elder by one year, Otome is a beauty and the dream of every guy in school. Although Otome and Kazuki arent a couple, they hang out with each other constantly and get along very well. In fact, Kazuki believes that as long as things proceed as they currently are, the two of them will eventually be together as a couple, and even marry. However, Kazukis faith is shattered one day when he receives a damning DVD...

Otome Juurin Yuugi: Maiden Infringement Play

Otome Juurin Yuugi: Maiden Infringement PlayGenres:
Blackmail, Rape, School, Maids, Anal, Gangbang, Virgin,

Description: Kurata Ibuki and Miyauchi Akira are two very attractive virgin girls. Happily thinking they just won a prize at a summer resort for week, turns out to be a trick from some upper-class students at their school. The mastermind behind this whole "abduction" now have a whole week to train them to sex slaves. Will he successfully turn them to the dark side or will they struggle to the end and prevail?

Pandra The Animation

Pandra The AnimationGenres:
Tentacles, Rape, Monsters, Gangbang, Futanari,

Description: Based on the manga by Erect Sawaru.

Panty Flash Teacher

Panty Flash TeacherGenres:
Teacher, School, Rape, Group, Uncensored,

Description: An ordinary school teacher is in an VERY oversexed world. When one of the students nearly rape her during class, she escapes, but the guy is still on her trail. Other guys try to get some action too as well, but then the guy from earlier succeeds in chronically raping her, but she could be able to recover, but the rapist's karma could also turn bad again.

Perverted Thomas

Perverted ThomasGenres:
Comedy, Rape, BigBreasts,

Description: One day while Thomas was looking for a job, he met a man that will teach him an ancient Chinese secret that will tell him all he�ll need to know about pleasuring and seducing women. With his new power, he takes his power all around pleasuring strangers.

Pervs on a Train

Pervs on a TrainGenres:
Futanari, Rape, Yuri, Chikan,

Description: When horny men and beautiful women cram themselves into the train for their early morning commute, all that body-to-body contact begins to take a sexual toll on the passengers. The men�s casual groping quickly leads to all-out molestation. Shocked, the women are resistant at first. But there�s no escape from a moving train. So it�s not long before these reluctant ladies give in to their own perverted passions and go with the flow. Soon the whole train is alive with sexual energy as it drives and thrusts toward its dripping-wet destination.

Pet Life

Pet LifeGenres:
Rape, School, BigBreasts, Domination,

Description: Due to a mix-up, Shizumoris underwear ends up being put into the wrong locker by a classmate after P.E. Shizumori now has to spend half the school day without wearing any underwear until she is finally able to return to the locker room. Once there, shes surprised by Ozaki smelling her underwear. He gives her back her bra, but throws the rest on the ground. When Shizumoris leans down to grab it, he makes a candid shot of her wearing no underwear. Armed with photo-evidence of her being an "exhibitionist" he blackmails Shizumori into having sex with him.

Phantom Hunter Miko

Phantom Hunter MikoGenres:
Yuri, Domination, Rape,

Description: Jinguuji Miko and her male assistant Kanda Rokuro hunt phantoms together. The phantoms invade peoples bodies and control them. Trained as a skilled Phantom Hunter Miko must use exorcism to send the phantoms back to where ever they came from.

Please Rape Me!

Please Rape Me!Genres:

Description: Hosaka Ippei is your average Japanese yuppie who works at a rental video shop. He has a wide collection of erotic mangas and hentai at home, all of which are of the rape genre. He is fond of rape and his lifelong dream is to actually rape a woman. Everyday, after his work at the video shop, he goes home through a dark park not because he wants to unwind after a long day, but to get a chance to see a woman getting raped. He stumbles upon Sari, a mysterious loli wearing unorthodox clothing. He takes this chance to rape a woman but his imagination of raping her arouses him too much and ends up ejaculating on her. As Sari wakes up, Ippei�s punishment is to let her live with him. Ippei agrees and thinks that this is the perfect opportunity to get free sex. The next day, a girl visits the shop wher Ippei works and asks to be a member. Ippei recognizes her as his high school classmate, Yuuma Chidori. Sari tells him that she secretly has a rape fetish and encourages him to rape Yuuma. Yuuma asks Ippei out for a date and Ippei takes his chance to rape his high school crush and fulfill his dream of making her say �Please Rape Me!�.

Princess 69

Princess 69Genres:
Domination, Bondage, Rape, Yuri, Uncensored,

Description: Intrigued by the hot erotic potential of the Gymnastics of Darkness, the board chairman�s granddaughter Tomomi helps Nikusuke pick unwilling ladies to be their new members of the gymnastics team. These young ladies are forced to learn the meaning of excruciating pleasure under Nikusuke�s gymnastic training...

Princess 69: Midnight Gymnastics

Princess 69: Midnight GymnasticsGenres:
Crossdressing, Incest, Rape, Domination, Uncensored,

Description: Fubuki is searching for his step-sister, Miku Haneoka. While searching he finds none other than Tomomi, who explains what the Mignight Gymnastics are and what they do. To infiltrate the team he �becomes� a girl at school and the coach of the Midnight Gymnastics. But he has yet to witness the depravity of the Midnight Gymnastics.

Princess Knight Catue

Princess Knight CatueGenres:
Bondage, Demons, Fantasy, Rape, Tentacles,

Description: Dragundaala, a country belonging to the descendants of dragons, has been conquered by an army of demons. With the king and queen captured by the demon army general, Ginyol, princess Catue attempts to rescue them, but gets caught. All is not lost, however, as Ginyol agrees to free the king and queen, and withdraw his army entirely if princess Catue can endure his sexual acts of depravity for 7 days.

Princess Memory

Princess MemoryGenres:
Rape, Yuri, Loli,

Description: Collin is just a normal man who lives in an inn with two beautiful sisters who are both in love with him. One day, he begins to dream of a beautiful woman named Felia who begs him to save her. At the outskirts of town, there is a forbidden cave and Collin believes that she is imprisoned there. When a wandering female adventurer comes to town and takes up residence in their inn, Collin decides to go with her into the cave. Felia has been rescued, but now, Colllin must convince the fragments of her soul to return to her flesh once more.

Private Sessions

Private SessionsGenres:
Domination, Students, Incest, Loli, Rape, Virgins, Uncensored,

Description: Professor Saki used to be a normal woman�until her heart and mind were twisted by her sadistic boyfriend Mikami. Fired from his last teaching job for assaulting one of his students, he forces Saki into getting him a teaching position at her all-girl college. With beautiful buxom ladies everywhere, Mikami�s dark desires quickly target his new female students for some very special private sessions � and this time he plans on making Saki help him. Will Saki�s misguided love for Mikami drive her to help him trap innocent women in his demented little world.

Private Sessions 2

Private Sessions 2Genres:
Domination, Students, Incest, Loli, Rape, Virgins, Uncensored,

Description: The College of Sacred Maidens is bubbling over with sexy young ladies perfectly suited for Tomoya�s lusts. So, when he crosses paths with a new student professor for the college, he�s not about to let his chance pass by � he wastes no time drugging the guy, and taking his place. Now this dangerous sex fiend is surrounded by beautiful, buxom women... and he�s already got a lot of �assignments� planned for them. The innocent cheerleader Yumi... the fiery swim girl Seira... even Asuka, the ravishing actress. One by one, he�ll collect them all as his pets, eager sex slaves who�ll fill his every burning desire. But the girls won�t take it lying down, so to speak. What will it take for Tomoya to twist his way into the deepest parts of their hearts, minds, and luscious, energetic bodies?

Professor Pain

Professor PainGenres:
Domination, Bondage, Rape, Group,

Description: The students of Aoi College, who are all 19 by the way, have always suspected that Professor Ohse might be some sort of pervert or cretin, but no one could have guessed how depraved he really is. As it turns out, he's really a terrorist who decides to hold the entire campus hostage, and make all of its comely young lasses submit to his desire for torture and depravity.

Professor Shino's Classes in Seduction

Professor Shino's Classes in SeductionGenres:
School, Rape, Yuri, Group, Teacher, Uncensored,

Description: Sakurai Sino was a chemistry teacher who had recently transferred to Shirakumo Academy. She was a beautiful woman who looked good in glasses, and she was the envy of all the people in the school. One day, Iijima Sayaka, a female student, confessed that she was worrying about sex. Then Shino gave her a �lesson�. That night, Shino got excited and began to play with herself. Suddenly, Kayama, a male student, broke into the room and raped her. She was thoroughly battered. However, she went to school next morning as if nothing had happened. Kayama called her to rape her again. What waiting for her was..

Project Boobs

Project BoobsGenres:
BigBreasts, Bondage, Rape, Drama, Magic, Futanari, Uncensored,

Description: Yuki Miyagawa is a secret agent for a government organization. She and her colleagues, Reiko Carrere Yukiko and Kana Morishita, are ordered to spy on a pharmaceutical company that is under suspicion of producing illegal drugs. However, their activities are known to the company and they are caught by the researchers who molest them under the pretext of conducting experiments.


Bondage, Rape, School, Uncensored,

Description: Professor Kayama could have been happy with his job, except that all of the students on campus hate him... and he hates them. Maki Watase is a dark-haired vixen will do anything to raise her grades, but when Professor Kayama refuses play along, she�s determined to have revenge. She gathers her friends � the luscious Hinata, the slutty Arisa, and the beautiful but timid Sachie � and they mix drug-laced alcohol with a snap-shot camera to publicly humiliate Kayama.

Ran Sem: Hakudaku Delmo Tsuma no Miira Tori

Ran Sem: Hakudaku Delmo Tsuma no Miira ToriGenres:
Rape, BigBreasts, Domination, SexCult,

Description: One day, Anna goes missing. Riko, her older sister, looks for her, but she doesn�t know where Anna has gone... Days later, Riko meets a woman in the town. Her name is Naomi, whose fiance is also missing after he entered a self enlightenment group... Riko and Naomi decide to join the group to save them...

Rance 01: Hikari wo Motomete The Animation

Rance 01: Hikari wo Motomete The AnimationGenres:
BigBreasts, SmallBreasts, Rape, Magic, Monsters,

Description: Anime adaptation of the 2013 remake of the 1989 AliceSoft adult PC game Rance 01. Rance follows the namesake hero who is tasked with finding and protecting the daughter of a guild owner; however, the case turns out to be much deeper than it initially appears to be.

Rancou Choukyo: Orgy Training

Rancou Choukyo: Orgy TrainingGenres:
Maids, Rape, Virgin, Gangbang,

Description: Born into a wealthy family, a young man is overpowered by his brute, cruel father. Shy and inexperienced, his first date turns out badly after he is rejected when trying to have sex with his date. Feeling depressed, he is walking to school when he comes across a beautiful girl, lost in his neighborhood. He soon finds out that she is the new family maid. Knowing his father`s predatory ways, the boy sits helplessly as his father rapes the new maid later that night. When the girl brings him dinner one day, the boy is overcome by his desire for her, and tries to have his way with her. Will he be able to confess his feelings for her, or will he turn out to be a predatory man just like his father? Will the girl accept his advances? What will fate bring for the girl and the boy?

Rape! Rape! Rape!

Rape! Rape! Rape!Genres:
Rape, Loli, Pregnant, Domination, Virgin,

Description: Based on the erotic game "Rape! Rape! Rape!" by Valkyria, where the main character goes around raping heaps of women per episode.

Rasen Kairou

Rasen KairouGenres:
BDSM, Bondage, Rape, Gandbang, Domination,

Description: Saeki is an assistant professor at the university, who happened to find a unique site while surfing the net. The site displays abducted woman who have been enslaved for the purpose of fulfilling the desires of EDEN’s visitors. The woman are used as tools of pleasure, they are humiliated and abused in all manor imaginable. Has Saeki gotten himself in too deep and how will he fair when EDEN’s newest victim is a familiar student from his university. Will he find himself unable to turn away from the darkness that is EDEN?

Rei and Fuko

Rei and FukoGenres:
Tentacles, Rape, Anal, Gangbang, BigBreasts,

Description: Year 2054, Tokyo. Kirisawa Rei and Izumi Fuko are the capable special agent, commonly called Mayaku Tokuso, whose task is drug-crime investigation and to take down the drug syndicate in Tokyo. They were a perfect pair, getting over numerous bloodbaths together. One day, they had an information of 12 Angels, a drug syndicate that they had been searching for years, sneaking into the most dangerous city in Tokyo, Sinjyuku, where is rumored that their secret base is located. But it is a clever trap set by the boss Kiryu for the revenge on them...

Rei Rei

Rei ReiGenres:
Magic, GenderSwitch, Tentacles, Rape, Yuri,

Description: Kaguya is a sensual evangelist. Along with her servant Pipi, she is determined to save humanity one pair at a time, by seeking out frustrated and unhappy lovers and helping them work through their problems.

Rei Zero

Rei ZeroGenres:
Domination, Rape, Bukkake, Group,

Description: Tokyo fell into ruins following the consecutive great earthquakes of 2014. As a result, the new city center is built in the location of the former Nishitokyo. Meanwhile, Shinjuku and the submerged Minato wards devolved into slum areas. Further, due to the Immigration Laws of 2040, these slums saw an influx of refugees, mafioso, and terrorists, and is now the leading crime capital of the world. The year is now 2049, and this is the stage in which two women embark on an operation to arrest a dangerous drug dealer.

Reijou Caster: Ingyaku no Wana

Reijou Caster: Ingyaku no WanaGenres:
Rape, Domination, Humiliation,

Description: Based on the game by Will Was released together with the DVDPG (DVD Players Game) of the same name.

Renketsu Houshiki

Renketsu HoushikiGenres:
Rape, Group, BigBreasts, Yuri,

Description: Keisuke�s father has informed his mother as well as Keisuke and Misaki that he has been diagnosed with cancer. And so, Keisuke announces that he wishes to inherit the family�s liquor business and be married to the daughter of his father�s former colleague. However, Keisuke�s sister Misaki does not give her blessing to the marriage. They are more than siblings. The both of them cross the threshold and make love all night and on the day that Keisuke�s fianc��s family comes to meet with them. Misaki shows her desire for Keisuke and they mutually surrender themselves to each others� flesh.

Rensa Byoutou

Rensa ByoutouGenres:
Rape, Nurses, Revenge,

Description: Two hours from Tokyo by car, there is 'Kiyosato Hospital', where Shuji is transferred. Shuji's father died during the operation when he was a uni student. After his death, he studied hard to be a doctor and started to doubt about his father's death. But his father died ten years ago, it is difficult to examine the case. One day, he gets the information that Takao, who performed his father's operation, is the vice director of 'Kiyosato Hospital' at present. On his first day there, he meets Misako, Shuji used to love. But he is shocked to know that Misako is Takao's wife. Shuji makes up his mind to take a revenge on Takao since he took his father's life and his first love...


Fantasy, Rape, Tentacles, Yuri,

Description: Cannone is a violin that entrances people. Ceillia is a violin that was created by the angels that seals Cannone. Akio became a teacher for St. Cecillia Academy. He found Cannone sealed in the torture room under the chapel, he was fascinated by it's power. The other violin picked a girl to use it`s powers to steal Cannone.

Ride of the Valkyrie

Ride of the ValkyrieGenres:
Fantasy, Supernatural, Futanari, Demons, Rape,

Description: Valkyries are virgin warriors of the Norse god, Odin, and they protect the humans from demons of the outskirts. Yet the demons have found the Valkyries� weakness after the betrayal of the goddess, Freya, to become a sex slave. Thus one Valkyrie was made a sex slave after being threatened that her kinsmen will share the same fate if she did not submit. With the castle taken over, the demons challenged all of the men to impregnate her, if they wish to live�

Rin x Sen + Ran -> Sem Cross Mix: Haru Urara, Uragiri to Zetsubou no Kisetsu-hen

Rin x Sen + Ran -> Sem Cross Mix: Haru Urara, Uragiri to Zetsubou no Kisetsu-henGenres:
Rape, Gangbang, TeachersSchool, Domination, SexCult,

Description: A cross over between the two hentai: Rin x Sen: Hakudaku Onna Kyoushi to Yaroudomo and Ran Sem: Hakudaku Delmo Tsuma no Miira Tori

Rin x Sen: Hakudaku Onna Kyoushi to Yaroudomo

Rin x Sen: Hakudaku Onna Kyoushi to YaroudomoGenres:
Rape, Futanari, Group, Forced, Teachers, School,

Description: Urara starts working at a girls� school. She is now happy because she will get married in a few months. But one day, her fiance suddenly goes missing since his business didn�t go well. Months later, Yuji, a debt collector, comes to her house, but she doesn�t have enough money to pay. Yuji offers her to work at a boys� school his friend works. He also says if she works there for a month, she won�t need to pay back money. She finally decides to accept his offer without knowing the fact that the school is full of evil teachers and students...

Rinkan Club

Rinkan ClubGenres:
Group, Rape, SchoolTeacher,

Description: To ease the curse of Konohanasakuya-Hime, a scorned sister from feudal times, Rinkan Club selects out women who look like her on the new moon and full moon of each cycle and force them to submit to �public opinion�.

Rinkan Gakuen: Yamete! Okaa-san, Minaide!

Rinkan Gakuen: Yamete! Okaa-san, Minaide!Genres:
Rape, Torture, Gangrape, School, Bondage, Domination,

Description: Based on the game by Lune loves K.

Romance is in the Flash of the Sword II

Romance is in the Flash of the Sword IIGenres:
Tentacles, Rape, Yuri, Domination, Loli, Bondage, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Uncensored,

Description: Keith is an honorable thief, but also a descendant of the legendary Shadow Blade. Employed as a guide for a sultry seductress � he finds himself soon wrapped up in much more than he bargained for. A one-night stand turns into the resurrection ritual for a demon?! He�s really got his work cut out for him...

Rxxx: Prescription for Pain

Rxxx: Prescription for PainGenres:
Futunari, Nurses, Rape,

Description: Jyunichi thought he had it made. He was all set to take over his boss' cushy job as President of Misono General Hospital... but then Serika appeared. Serika just happens to be the President's daughter, she had been studying in the same field as Jyunichi and was posed to take over as President of the hospital. Outraged, Jyunichi has come up with a devious plan to take over the hospital,even if it means taking it over one Nurse at a time.

Ryou Seibai!: Gakuen Bishoujo Seisai Hiroku

Ryou Seibai!: Gakuen Bishoujo Seisai HirokuGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: Based on the erotic game by Tinker Bell.

Ryoujoku Famiresu Choukyou Menu

Ryoujoku Famiresu Choukyou MenuGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Loli, Waitress, SmallBreasts,

Description: Sayaka�s family is rich but her parents suddenly go missing. She needs to find a job to make a living but she doesn�t know what to do. One day, Yuzuko offers Sayaka a part-time job at a family restaurant. She takes it and starts to work there. But Kuroki, the boss of the restaurant, tells Sayaka that her parents go missing because they failed business and they are up to their neck in debt now. To save them, to pay off their debt is the one and only way. She is at a loss what to do but Kuroki gives her an idea, �Our restaurant offers special service only during midnight. If you put yourself on the menu book, it will be quicker to pay off the debt.� After business hours, there are waitresses giving sexual service to customers night after night. Sayaka decides to work midnight to save her parents�

Ryoujoku Guerrilla Kari 3

Ryoujoku Guerrilla Kari 3Genres:
Rape, Yuri, BigBreasts, Space,

Description: There is a spaceship called Victoire. It keeps winning and never loses. The ship is controlled by young and beautiful women, and their victory always boosts the morale of the team. But the ship its secrets are sold to the enemy after the war, and the women are confined in prison. They have nothing to protect themselves�

Ryoujoku Joshi Gakuen

Ryoujoku Joshi GakuenGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Domination, Yuri, Group,

Description: Based on the game by Guilty.

Ryuusei Tenshi Primaveil

Ryuusei Tenshi PrimaveilGenres:
Demons, MagicalGirl, Rape,

Description: Magical girls battle aliens. One of the girls gets captured and you know the rest...


Bondage, Rape, Supernatural, Tentacles,

Description: A carnal cult uses illicit drugs to transform men into sex-crazed monsters. Police partners and lesbian lovers Atsuko and Kei are investigating a shady drug deal when they stumble upon the shocking truth...

Saimin Jutsu Zero

Saimin Jutsu ZeroGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: No synopsis has been added for this series yet.

Saimin Ryoujoku Gakuen

Saimin Ryoujoku GakuenGenres:
Domination, Rape, Loli, School,

Description: Toshikazu is a guidance counselor. He likes to give hypnotic drugs to girl students and have sex with them. �Who will come to me today...? I can�t wait it...� His erotic counseling now begins...

Saishuu Chikan Densha Next

Saishuu Chikan Densha NextGenres:
Rape, Grope, Chikan, BigBreasts, Shota, Gangbang, SmallBreasts,

Description: It is now the year 2010. The reprehensible and secret brotherhood known as the Last Molester Train has been driven underground once again, its three year reign of sexual predation extinguished under the militant ultra-feminist organization known as Raven Guard. However all is not yet lost. The Last Molester Train continued to search for a savior who could restore their patriarchy to glory, and at long last that man has been found...

Samurai Hormone The Animation

Samurai Hormone The AnimationGenres:
Ninja, Rape,

Description: Based on the adult game by Clam Chowder.

School of Bondage

School of BondageGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Humiliation,

Description: Keisuke Shimizu, upset over the problems in his household, becomes a delinquent and sees women as only sexual tools. His class representative, Orie Yuki, wants to change his beliefs. To show him the power of true love, Orie agrees to be his sex slave for three months. Orie has no idea what her decision will have on her future, especially since Keisuke's attention is away from his former lover.

Secret of a Housewife

Secret of a HousewifeGenres:
Anal, BDSM, Bondage, Gangbang, Housewives, Rape,

Description: Based on the manga by Sanbun Kyouden. A housewife gets raped by a bunch of men. As it turns out she likes it and her life becomes a succession of perverted sexual adventures.

Secret Sex Stories

Secret Sex StoriesGenres:
Rape, Domination,

Description: In the single episodes two stories, two thugs find out that a mother and daughter have inherited a fortune and try to extort it by any means; and a girl models nude for an art class�and ends up providing unexpected extra service.

Seifuku Shoujo

Seifuku ShoujoGenres:
School, Rape, Bondage, Domination, Humiliation,

Description: The anime itself depicts teen-aged (and well endowed) school girls getting raped � by her teachers (the first episode), by some �businessmen� who mistake the girl for a hooker (the second episode), by a class mate in mad love with the girl (third episode) and finally two sisters being raped by the school janitor.

Seikou! Lose A Virgin For The First Term

Seikou! Lose A Virgin For The First TermGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Loli,

Description: Anime adaptation of the original project by a PC adult game developer, SPEED.

Seisen Gakuin

Seisen GakuinGenres:
School, Domination, Rape,

Description: At a school in Japan, a glowing phallus-shaped artifact possesses magical powers that turn innocent girls into raging sex maniacs. When a teacher is seduced by a student, he soon finds himself endowed with a power that the girls cannot resist...

Seito Kaichou Hikaru

Seito Kaichou HikaruGenres:
BigBreasts, School, Rape,

Description: The school student council members, a nun, a warrior, and a miko are trying to get rid of the perversion that has invaded the school, but what they don�t know is that everyone in the school is actually happy with that kind of life, and then they fall on the hands, or tentacles, of the head teacher who makes them perform in front of the entire school until they get as perverted as anyone on the school or even more.

Seme Chichi

Seme ChichiGenres:
Incest, BigBreasts, Futanari, Rape, Bunny, Girls,

Description: There is no plot summary for Seme Chichi at this moment. We�ll work on getting one up as soon as possible!

Sex Craft

Sex CraftGenres:
Rape, Supernatural, Mystery,

Description: When Kumi and her friends play around with a witchboard, they accidentally summon a malevolent ghost. The ghost possesses the girls, using them to steal people�s sexual energy. Soon, Kumi is no longer acting on her own freewill and is unconsciously seeking sex with men. Frightened, Kumi seeks the council of an exorcist, Mia Kakuta. Meanwhile, a rapist with other-worldly powers is on the loose. When exorcist Mia investigates, she finds a man with an insatiable sexual appetite looking to fulfill his lust in death that he couldn�t in life.

Sex Taxi

Sex TaxiGenres:
Drama, Rape, SliceofLife,

Description: A cabbie got his kicks by blackmailing, raping, and storing women in his �collection� back in his old town. Now he is in a new town with new women. He wants to have sex with them. He picks each girl up many times and follows them around. They do not seem to notice it�s the same cabbie until it�s to late, until he gets all his sources and starts to blackmail them. In his new town his first fare was Satsuki, a member of the archery club. He goes on from there to get twins, a swimmer, a cheer leader, and more.

Sex Ward

Sex WardGenres:
Nurses, Rape, Yuri, Uncensored,

Description: Satsuki, quiet and shy nurse of Ishikawa General Hospital, only wants to make a good impression, but she keeps screwing everything up. When she accidentally gives an aching patient the wrong medication, he cons her into releasing his pain with a healthy dose of hot and heavy sex�but by the end, it�s Satsuki that�s moaning in pleasure. Now, Satsuki will make sure that all of her mistakes are remedied with a little sexual therapy. But is she taking things too far. And what would her co-workers say if they knew...


Action, Androids, Mecha, Mechanical, Tentacles, Rape, ScienceFiction, Tentacles,

Description: Silhouettes are robots controlled by human thoughts, originally created to help mankind. When human thoughts turn lustful, Silhouettes can be very dangerous. Rika and Sandy, two Silhouette scientists, are drawn into the world of sex crime, to uncover the evil men who have perverted their creations and they will become the next victims of the lusty Silhouettes.

Sexual Pursuit

Sexual PursuitGenres:
School, Yuri, Incest, Rape, Domination,

Description: Yuji just got himself a new board game and he can't wait to play. What Yuji doesn't know is that the game possesses secret powers - sexual powers, to be precise. He and his stepmother decide to give it a try. The game requires drawing cards from a deck that have sexual instructions on them. Though it starts out innocently enough, Yuji soon experiences sexual feelings for his opponent. As the game progresses and the sexual tension escalates, it culminates in a sexual free-for-all with his stepmother and stepsister.

Sexy Magical Girl Ai

Sexy Magical Girl AiGenres:
Comedy, Horror, Magic, Mystery, Supernatural, MagicalGirl, Monsters, School, Rape, Tentacles,

Description: Yuragi, demons who depend on human negative emotions for power, have filled the city streets with rape and murder. Ai Kagano, a demon slayer, is hunting them. While hiding undercover in a school as a new student, Ai has to maintain a low profile while searching for the demons. On the other hand, Akitoshi Okajima has an interest on Ai and follows her when he spots her outside school. However, he gets into trouble with the Yuragi, and Ai's true identity is revealed to him. In revenge, the demons kidnap Akitoshi's childhood friend, Yua, and his friends to lure both Ai and Akitoshi into their lair to end this chase once and for all.

Shachiku: Kuruma no Naka de Kattemasu

Shachiku: Kuruma no Naka de KattemasuGenres:
Rape, Domination,

Description: Mika accidentally drives over a woman who dies as a consequence. The woman's now widowed husband loved his wife so much that he decides to live only for revenge. So he sells his apartment, buys a truck with a built-in cell, kidnaps Mika and starts extracting his revenge on her. As time goes by, the mans resolve for revenge starts to waver and his lust for Mika's body starts to grow.


Ninja, Action, Historical, Rape,

Description: It is the peacful Edo period in Japan, and ninjas are hardly needed anymore. Karyu, a particularly skilled ninja, is forced to do work as a hired killer. She is asked to kill a merchant, but when she gets there, she finds that his servant is actually a ninja, who is just as skilled as Karyu. Her name is Uzume. Karyu and Uzume then compete against eachother in a bloody battle for superiority.

Shin Hitou Meguri

Shin Hitou MeguriGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Spa, Loli,

Description: A prequel to the Hentai series "Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu: Mao Hen"

Shin Kyouhaku 2 the Animation Kizu ni Saku Hana Senketsu no Kurenai

Shin Kyouhaku 2 the Animation Kizu ni Saku Hana Senketsu no KurenaiGenres:
Bondage, Rape,

Description: Akehime Saki has a beautiful girl who has an English mother. She has a secret. She is going out with her teacher, Tsuge Akito, and holding such an immoral secret makes her exited. However there is a figure looking at their acts. One day, Saki receives a phone. "Do not meet the man again, or else..." Although she is suspicious about the phone, she goes out with Akito not knowing there is a trap full of shame is waiting for her...

Shin Seiki Inma Seiden

Shin Seiki Inma SeidenGenres:
Tentacles, Rape, Demons, Group, Domination, Bondage, School, Teacher,

Description: The Kameyama family and the Otori family are relatives. They are both trying to compete for control over Otori Academy. Violent crimes are happening inside the academy. There are rumors that someone wearing an iron mask is assaulting female students inside school grounds. Senna is attacked by writing tentacles, and is raped by a demon. The man in the iron mask suddenly appear in front of Mao. She tries to attack him, to no avail. She is rescued by Hitomi Kameyama. More horror is awaiting everybody as this shocking story unfolds!

Shinkyoku no Grimoire The Animation

Shinkyoku no Grimoire The AnimationGenres:
Rape, Yuri, Futanari, Tentacles,

Description: Sequel to Pandra The Animation.

Shintaisou Kari the Animation MIX

Shintaisou Kari the Animation MIXGenres:
Domination, Bondage, Rape, Yuri, Uncensored,

Description: A compilation of Shintaisou Kari (Princess 69) with new animation, and new scenes.


Tentacles, Rape, School,

Description: Based on the game by Black-Lilith.

Shishunki Shoujo

Shishunki ShoujoGenres:
Shota, School, Rape,

Description: A pair of high school girls, who think they can handle trouble, try to keep the punks in line at their school and discover they aren�t as tough as they thought.


Rape, Demons, Murder, Group, Domination, Humiliation, Tentacles, Drugging, LoveTriangle, Military, Prison, School,

Description: Longtime friends Erika and Akino have a difficult road ahead of them. One minute, they're basking in the warm summer air, and the next, they're sucked into a strange dimension. There, an army of mysterious soldiers declare that the two women are allies of an enemy nation and put them through all manner of perverse torture. But even if they could escape their captors, where could they run when they don't even know where they are?

Shoujo Senki Brain Jacker

Shoujo Senki Brain JackerGenres:
Bondage, Tentacles, Rape, Demons,

Description: Based on the erotic game �Shoujo Senki Soul Eater� by Lune.

Shoujo Senki Soul Eater

Shoujo Senki Soul EaterGenres:
Bondage, Tentacles, Rape, Demons,

Description: Based on the erotic game Shoujo Senki Soul Eater by Lune.

Shujii no Inbou

Shujii no InbouGenres:
Betrayal, Rape, Doctor, Nurses, Group,

Description: My husband, Keiichiro, was struck down by illness. Mr. Noyama, our family doctor, said he would need to have a rest for a while. But he hasn�t got well though a few weeks have passed. I have now a concern about myself. Yes, it�s about sex... It�s impossible to ask for sex to my husband. I can�t masturbate myself at home because there are my husband and daughter. I can�t talk to anyone about it... I recently feel sexually excited when Mr. Noyama comes to my house. Is this because I�m not sexually satisfied or I suffer from some kind of illness? Oh, Mr. Noyama comes again...

Shusaku the Letch

Shusaku the LetchGenres:
Rape, Bondage, School, Group, Yuri,

Description: In the girls dormitory of Shukusei Music Academy are the famous daughters of good families. In the middle of the night, the girl�s screams echo in the silent academy. Kaori is tied up and at that moment she becomes baptized into disgrace. There is a man whose name is Kato Shusaku who looks down at her with a fiendish grin as she cries in misery...

Shusaku the Letch: Liberty

Shusaku the Letch: LibertyGenres:
Rape, Bondage, School, Group, Yuri, Harem, Psychological,

Description: Just when you thought that no one could drive harder, move faster, and hang lower than Kisaku, here comes the continued adventures of the original Letch. Thanks to Shusaku�s position at an all girls� school, his story is packed with more girls, more perversion, and twice the lesbianism that Kisaku could ever handle.

Shusaku the Letch: Replay

Shusaku the Letch: ReplayGenres:
Magic, Drama, Rape, Loli, School, Harem,

Description: It�s now back and is more extreme than ever. He pretends to be the resident manager Kato, and humiliates the girls in the dormitory. Shusaku is a lunatic. He couldn�t finish his fiendish plan because Eri Takabe has insight into his plan. But, Shusaku�s madness is not over. His deep revenge restarts the girl�s nightmare. The sequence of the old man�s masochism begins. The beautiful girls are puzzled and amazed. Again tonight... it�s a man�s showtime.

Sin Sorority

Sin SororityGenres:
Magic, Drama, Rape, Yuri, Bondage, Domination, Futanari,

Description: A plucky coed dreams of new friends and college glory days but after joining the new university, her dream becomes a raunchy reality when she's inducted unwillingly into an erotic sorority.

Sinners Paradise

Sinners ParadiseGenres:
Rape, Demons, Murder, Group, Domination, Humiliation, Tentacles, Drugging, LoveTriangle, Military, Prison, School,

Description: School friends Erika and Akino, as well as their female coach, are transported to a military prison by an unusual light in the sky. They are forced to endure various sexual assaults and humiliations all the while having flashbacks about recent events. Meanwhile, a mysterious group tries to rescue Erika.

Slave Doll 2: Fragile Hearts

Slave Doll 2: Fragile HeartsGenres:
Maid, Fantasy, Android, Rape, Humiliation, Uncensored,

Description: Aki, an Andmaid (Android-Maid) developed for the purpose of collecting high-quality sperm from all over the world. Thanks to a mad scientist, she can now transform into a super heroine!? A plot more twisted than the last? Aki was supposed to become scrap by now. But thanks to Professor, she is now working in his laboratory. One day, Professor asked Aki to become his guinea pig for his research. Aki was to become a Super Andmaid that protect the world`s peace. Just at that time, a giant robot begins to wreak havoc nearby. Now is the time for Super Andmaid Aki to rise to the occasion!! In the end, however, she gets captured. What awaited Aki, defender of justice, was torment and humiliation.

Slave Doll: Maid to Order

Slave Doll: Maid to OrderGenres:
Maids, Slave, Rape, Android, Magical, Girl, Uncensored,

Description: Aki is an Andromaid, half android, half maid. Created to infiltrate the house of Kenichi, she disguises herself as an ordinary housekeeper. Her mission is to capture a sample of Kenichi`s superior sperm, but she ends up with more than she bargained for. Will her android heart find love after comforting her sad new master?

Slave Market

Slave MarketGenres:
Domination, BigBreasts, LoliBondage, Rape, Scat, Group, Uncensored,

Description: Casius a diplomat from Vence comes to this country for buinsess where he runs into his old friend Falco who introduces him to a place where you can buy the "thing" that he needs.

Slave Nurses

Slave NursesGenres:
Yuri, Rape, Domination, Nurses, Bondage, Mystery, Supernatural, Uncensored,

Description: Yosuke has been hired as a male nurse for a hospital that is isolated from society. During the day, he, along with the female staff, maintain the grounds fairly well and take care of the elderly residents. At night, however, bizarre music plays through the speakers and causes Yosuke and the female nurses to become overwhelmed with sexual desires. Yosuke tries to find the secrets of the hospital while also suffering from the music.

Slave Sisters

Slave SistersGenres:
Incest, Tragedy, Yuri, Rape, Drama,

Description: Two sisters are orphaned, their parents having left them only debts. In order to pay what they owe and to obtain for themselves a comfortable life, they have to become slaves for a dark organization. They begin their training under the guidance of a man who uses words and reasoning as his only tools, a man who is determined to make them the perfect slaves, for if he succeeds, he will be able to retire from the organization.

Sleazy Family 2: Inko - Daughter

Sleazy Family 2: Inko - DaughterGenres:
Incest, Sisters, Rape, Bondage, Yuri,

Description: Meanwhile, over at the hamburger shop, kinky doings are transpiring. The manager likes to administer sexy punishments when his female clerks break the rules. Eventually, Masaru is invited to the party and finds a family affair waiting for him.

Slutty Princess Diaries

Slutty Princess DiariesGenres:
Rape, Humiliation, Bondage, Fantasy, Tentacles,

Description: Distol, a prince of Asteria, had passed humiliating days as a hostage in the neighboring country Bartrage, for 8 years. His mother had been also sent to the country, but she ended up dying. Since then, he made efforts to learn fencing and acquiring the knowledge and cultures in order to protect important himself. However, one day, he knew that his sister-in-law whom he had left in his country was elected as a �Holy Lady� in order to seal Satan. Holy Lady would devote her life to seal Satan. Because he couldn�t save his loving sister, he felt his weakness. Then a beautiful girl in black clothes appeared in front of him, and she said she was a witch. In exchange for a strong magic to save his sister, she imposed two conditions on him. They were that he would invade Bartrage to get the secret treasure of the royal family, and that he would kidnap Princess Irina.

Snow Night Stories

Snow Night StoriesGenres:
Drama, Domination, Rape, Historic, Uncensored,

Description: This three episode hentai centers around three love stories; Thief, A young woman wed to a much older man, he couldnt unsatisf her because he finished too fast, one day he leaves to sell some goods, and a Theif enters. Female Pervert WarriorDuring the feudal war era, one small country collapsed. While most of the royal family and relatives were killed, the princess and Shingo, her vassal, escaped. But a harsh fate was waiting for the princess. and lastly Disgraced Bride,Once upon a time, a clan lord was betrothed to and fell in love with a princess. Her beauty made him speechless, and she always looked so happy. However, the lords affection for princess Chiho became stronger every day, and she lives like a bird in a cage, constantly receiving the lords hard love.

Soredemo Tsuma o Aishiteru

Soredemo Tsuma o AishiteruGenres:

Description: Based on the erotic game �Sore de mo Tsuma o Aishiteru� by Lune TeamBitters.


Rape, Bondage, Romance,

Description: Naoto and his lover Miyuki were going to ski resort. However, their bus was stalled in blizzard. The passengers were helped by Natsuyo, a landlady of a Japanese style hotel, and they decided to stay at the hotel for a while. At that night, Naoto and Miyuki made love at the hotel over and over, but he couldn’t be satisfied, and finally he began to love Natsuyo. The situation was the same with other passengers. In this closed space, ritual and accidents continued… A bizarre and erotic story was just begun…

Space Pirate Sara

Space Pirate SaraGenres:
Bestiality, Futanari, Gangrape, Pirates, Rape, Space, Tentacles, Domination, BigBreasts, Bondage, Monsters,

Description: Sara is a most terrible pirate knight who dances her way around the galaxy empire that has been ravaged by war. In the galaxy ruled by a number of power-hungry rival warlords, an evil sadistic web is woven around Sara, who is slowly guided down to her destruction. When the silver knight Sylia comes across the evil aristocrats who have run the gamut of corruption in the galaxy and the slave traders of darkness, the demonic twins, a desperate predicament is visited upon Sarah!!

Square of the Moon

Square of the MoonGenres:
Demons, Horror, Super, Power, Supernatural, Domination, Tentacles, Bondage, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: A second moon has appeared within Earth�s orbit but is only visible from the surface, rendering all other means of scientific detection useless. While out at night, Ryo is chased by a monster and displays a psychic ability to avoid harm and dodge it�s attacks. This brings him to the attention of a group calling themselves The Astronomy Club who also have supernatural abilities and dispose of these monsters. They try to persuade him to put his ability to use and join their cause.

Star Jewel

Star JewelGenres:
SuperPowers, Rape, Yuri, Futanari, Action, Gods, Angels,

Description: A war is being fought between the goddesses of dark and light. While the former try to steal the jewels from innocent women, leaving lifeless husks, the latter hunt the evildoers. Both types of goddesses are equipped with powers to fight, but their strongest weapons are their retractable penises�flooding the enemy with pleasure is the only sure-fire way to win.


Step MILFGenres:
Domination, Incest, Loli, Bondage, Rape, Yuri, Uncensored,

Description: Stepmother and stepsister is common, but when the young son saw his father having sex with his stepmother he suddenly feels excited by his new mom and decides to take action, but before he could advance his sister catchs him and confesses that she loves him and they take the relation one step higher, but he still feels the urge to have sex with his mom and finally he forces her to do so. Mother and daughter share their experiences after each of the son�s interventions.

Step Sister

Step SisterGenres:
Drama, Rape, Incest, Uncensored,

Description: A renowned painter dies of heart disease while being married with Megumi, a woman much younger than he is. His son, Kyosuke, never liked that union and wants Megumi out of the house. Therefore Megumi proposes that Kyosuke can do anything he wants with her daughter Yuna, Kyosuke�s stepsister, if he allows them to stay. Naturally, Kyosuke accepts.

Stringendo & Accelerando Ultimatum Sera

Stringendo & Accelerando Ultimatum SeraGenres:
Domination, Rape, Comedy, Romance,

Description: School is a place for learning and gaining knowledge for the sake of the future but very few know of what happens between couples/students behind the scenes which could be considered learning but in a more intimate way.

Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson

Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private LessonGenres:
Domination, Rape, Comedy, Romance,

Description: Story about how each popular girls in high school ended up having sex with some of the less popular guys. Each of them have their own temptation for desire and lust which they could not control-that is sex.

Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson MIX

Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson MIXGenres:
Domination, Rape, Comedy, Romance,

Description: Story about how each popular girls in high school ended up having sex with some of the less popular guys. Each of them have their own temptation for desire and lust which they could not control-that is sex.


School, Domination, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: Certain subjects being taught these days at college aren't always on the curriculum... Sex education is one of them. Here at our all-girls school, one male teacher takes it upon himself to best educate students in the ways of carnal knowledge. Using (and abusing) his authority, he lures the hottest students into his lair and has his sleazy way with them. In the end, these girls will learn some lessons they'll never forget.

Study-A-Broad 2

Study-A-Broad 2Genres:
School, Domination, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: At a school in Japan, a glowing phallus-shaped artifact possesses magical powers that turn innocent girls into raging sex maniacs. When a teacher is seduced by a student, he soon finds himself endowed with a power that the girls cannot resist...

T&A Teacher

T&A TeacherGenres:
Teacher, School, Bondage, Rape,

Description: Everyone looks up to Ayaka. She's one of the most beautiful professors at the academy, with bright eyes, big breasts, and a brilliant smile. But she's got a tough side, too: she's coach of the Karate Club. Treat her well, and you'll be rewarded with all sorts of sexy favors but get on her bad side, and you'll be flat on your back in no time. So far, there's only been one guy bold enough to anger Ayaka: a brash new student named Togawa. One night, he finds Ayaka having a one-woman orgy in the gym shower room and decides to step in. Will Ayaka's temper flare up once again, or will she be swept up by her lustful desires?

Taimanin Asagi

Taimanin AsagiGenres:
Fantasy, Supernatural, Ninja, Action, Demons, MartialArts, Domination, Rape, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage,

Description: Asagi Igawa is a veteran ninja. After defeating an archenemy, Oboro, a long time ago, she thought she could finally settle down. Yet Oboro was revived from death through a pact made with the head demon in the city, and has sworn to take revenge on Asagi by hurting those who are close to her. Asagi, her boyfriend, and her sister Sakura (also a ninja) are some of the targets�they are captured and subjected to extreme emotional and sexual abuse.

Taimanin Asagi 2

Taimanin Asagi 2Genres:
Fantasy, Supernatural, Ninja, Action, Demons, MartialArts, Domination, Rape, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage,

Description: One year has passed since the Chaos Arena was destroyed, Asagi and Sakura were presently on an abandoned street on a man-made island that floated on top of Tokyo Bay. It was an enormous box-shaped island built by the government and referred to as "Tokyo Kingdom." There was hope that it would become a second city center floating at sea, but it had failed to attract businesses. The only way of getting to and from the island was through Honshu Island over the 10 kilometer Tokyo Kingdom bridge. Unfortunately, this narrow route was the means in which the inhabitants of hell found their way onto the island, luring anarchists, criminals, and even illegal immigrants there, transforming the streets of the sea bound city into a world-renowned haven for danger. However abandoned the streets were, order did exist in such a place despite it being a breeding place of crime. There was a business district at the heart as well as one of Asia's greatest prostitute grottoes. Whether or not it was only the strong who survived, the viability of living there required one not to be careless in making friends with the strong.

Taimanin Yukikaze

Taimanin YukikazeGenres:
SmallBreasts, Rape, Humiliation,

Description: Yukikaze, a student at a ninja training academy, learns new demon-fighting techniques. One day, she and her friend Akiyama Rinko decide to infiltrate an evil organization in hopes of finding Yukikaze's mother; however, to do so, there is a great price they have to pay...


BDSM, Bondage, Rape,

Description: Unable to resist his animal urges, a professor is caught red-handed having sex with one of his students! Now under blackmail, he must help his new partner in crime mentor the hottest girls in school... and capture their erotic training sessions on film!

The Duchess of Busty Mounds

The Duchess of Busty MoundsGenres:
BigBreasts, Domination, Incest, Rape, Bondage, Uncensored,

Description: My father had died. Because I received this message from my mother, I went home for the first time in these two years in order to attend the funeral. Because my father had married her while I was in the boarding school, it was the first time to see her. My father was born in a rich family, but he was very lavish, and it was his fourth marriage. I opened the door, and I saw a woman. It was my mother-in-law. Although it was the first time I saw her, she was the picture of my real mother. It sounds shameless, but I got the urge to fall on her bosom as I used to do when I was a child.

The Immorals

The ImmoralsGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Domination, Yuri,

Description: Arimiya Kamoshige had been a local governor for 40 years, and during that time he had used his money and power to get all the pretty women he wanted. But that is in the past because he has died due to heart failure. Now his latest wife and his three daughters all seek the money he left behind. Whoever gets the money gets the power and takes over everything. And in the middle of it all�a young man calling himself Tatsuya Katori...

The Invisible Stud Returns

The Invisible Stud ReturnsGenres:
Loli, Forced, School, Harem, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: After a lot of sex and perversion the "invisible stud" is on the verge of collapse when he accidentally drops his invisibility potion, and ends on the hands of a little girl that then discovers the perversion that can take place on a convenience store restroom, then she follow the girl that masturbates in the bath and makes her have an experience she'll never forget. The she help the guy on the store to have fun with some of the workers and clients and in the end she also falls for the poor guy.

The Last Kunoichi

The Last KunoichiGenres:
Action, Ninjas, Samurai, Violence, Rape,

Description: The winds of revolution howl through Kyoto as the Tokugawa era comes to a violent close. Will Kaede, Kikyoo, and Ayame follow the ninja code of honor and face their vicious destiny, or escape to another world? Will their love for each other and the men they are destined to betray effect their fate? But now, a secret command forces them to risk their lives. Their passions will ignite as our story begins...

The Maiden Diaries

The Maiden DiariesGenres:
Maid, Rape, Yuri,

Description: Foster, formerly a trainer of high-class prostitutes for a secret political group that used these girls to exert power over politicians, has has long been out of the game, as he and his cohorts were busted years back. However, Foster couldn�t help himself and soon returned to his old profession. He began training new maidens, though this time with a distinctly evil bent, drawing the recruits into a sordid ring of discipline and bondage.

The Night When Evil Falls

The Night When Evil FallsGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Supernatural, Tentacles, Yuri, Futanari,

Description: Sheliss Elleness Zurbach suddenly appears out of the blue in modern day Tokyo. Destiny has brought her to the human world, destiny in the form of an evil adversary named Gilva. Needing help in tracking down her enemy, she enlists a sexy demon killer. What Sheelis didn�t count on was that a crazed, slimy, tentacled magician would paralyze her and turn her into a sex slave. The slimy tentacles slither all over the paralyzed princess� body. A long night of sexual punishment is about to begin...

The Two Facials of Eve

The Two Facials of EveGenres:
Rape, Incest,

Description: Keiichi Hayama always dreamed about hot sex with his childhood sweetheart, but one day she transformed in his dream into a mysterious beauty with perfect breasts and a seductive eyes. The next afternoon, Keiichi came back from school to find that very same woman masturbating in his room! His mother introduces her as Reika. Since her parents died in a car accident, Reika has been taken in by Keiichi's family. But Keiichi knows there's some dark truth behind this woman, and he has a hunch his prophetic dream wasn't a dream at all.

The Venus Files

The Venus FilesGenres:
Bondage, Rape, Domination, BigBreasts,

Description: Karen and Rio, members of the Goddess Investigation Agency take it upon themselves to expose the underground organization of rapists and sex traffickers responsible for the murder of Rio's younger sister Aya. With the help of their young apprentice detective Masafumi, the pair follow the trail of trademark narcotics used by the organization, battling not only those they set out to apprehend, but their own demons in the process.

Tokubetsu Byoutou

Tokubetsu ByoutouGenres:
Nurses, Rape, Yuri,

Description: It is about a female doctor who is creating sex pills. There are two kinds, one pill for male sexual enhancement and one for female sexual enhancement. She plans on testing these pills on herself and four of nurses in her section. There is a catch, the pills can have strange side effects which can deform the body for more sexual pleasure.

Tokubetsu Jugyou 3 SLG The Animation

Tokubetsu Jugyou 3 SLG The AnimationGenres:
Rape, Domination, Humiliation, Bondage,

Description: Based on the adult PC game by Bishop.

Tokubetsu Jugyou 3 SLG The Animation Extend

Tokubetsu Jugyou 3 SLG The Animation ExtendGenres:
Rape, Domination, Humiliation, Bondage,

Description: An extended version of Tokubetsu Jugyou 3 SLG The Animation with new scenes.

Tokyo Requiem

Tokyo RequiemGenres:
Demons, Supernatural, Rape, Tentacles,

Description: An underground society lies beneath the surface of Tokyo. This society has kept silent for many years, but now, they are on the move. They are kidnapping four mikos and use their powers to wake up a long forgotten god...

Toriko Hime: Hakudaku Mamire no Reijou

Toriko Hime: Hakudaku Mamire no ReijouGenres:
Prison, Rape, Bondage,

Description: Young master Tsuruma, son of the owner of Tsuruma Consulting, has access to an institution full of inmates used for testing. He abducts female classmates from his school and has his way with them, letting the inmates rape them too. They endure multiple rapes as they try to find a way to escape with the help of a female guard.

Toshi Densetsu Series

Toshi Densetsu SeriesGenres:
Rape, Loli, SmallBreasts, BigBreasts,

Description: Based on the adult manga by Imonet Satsuki.

Toumei Ningen R

Toumei Ningen RGenres:
Loli, Forced, School, Harem, Rape, Uncensored,

Description: After a lot of sex and perversion the "invisible stud" is on the verge of collapse when he accidentally drops his invisibility potion, and ends on the hands of a little girl that then discovers the perversion that can take place on a convenience store restroom, then she follow the girl that masturbates in the bath and makes her have an experience she'll never forget. The she help the guy on the store to have fun with some of the workers and clients and in the end she also falls for the poor guy.

True Blue

True BlueGenres:
Rape, NTR, School, Teacher,

Description: Kanzaki Aoi is a popular high school idol who has a love relationship with her childhood friend and next door neighbor, Kurusu Akito. They are always together, even going to school in the morning together. She admires him and respects him also, and still remembers the time he saved her when they were younger. All of their dreams to stay together come crashing down, however, when Aoi is forced to participate in daily obscenities with the physical education teacher, Shoda. With each day, she comes to realize that she enjoys it more and more. Even after powerless Akito discovers the truth, Aoi shows him just how much she wants Shoda instead.

True Blue: Gaiden

True Blue: GaidenGenres:
Rape, NTR, School, Teacher, Blackmail,

Description: Kanzaki Aoi and Kurusu Akito have broken their childhood relationship and are no longer together. Kaya, a girl who has been interested in Akito, decides to be with him instead. But, her efforts fail to make him forget about Aoi, who chose their P.E. teacher, Shudo, out of lust and has become the Shudo�s mistress. During her attempts to gain Akito�s affection, Kaya is blackmailed into having sexual acts with a guy who has been watching her. As she is forced to let him have his way with her, Kaya begins having obscene thoughts about Shudo. Little does she know that the teacher has been planning this all along...

Try Z

Try ZGenres:
Domination, Rape,

Description: There is no plot summary for Try Z at this moment. We'll work on getting one up as soon as possible!

TSF Monogatari

TSF MonogatariGenres:
GenderBender, Group, Rape, Train, Grope, Forced,

Description: Takumi suffers from a terminal illness, agrees to try an experimental gene therapy and is changed into a girl.

Twin Angels

Twin AngelsGenres:
Rape, Tentacles, Horror, School, Demons, Supernatural, Incest, Yuri,

Description: The Demon King has arisen to enslave humanity with his legions of sex demons! Our only hope: the delectable yet deadly warrior twins Ai and Mai. But the sexy sisters are betrayed by an old friend, and it`s not long before they're trapped and tortured mercilessly by monsters. Now only a miracle can save them.

Twin Dolls

Twin DollsGenres:
Action, Demons, Magic, Supernatural, Rape, Yuri,

Description: Mai and Ai Amatsu are beautiful and powerful twin sisters descended from a Tennyo angel. However, part of this legacy includes fighting off sex-starved demons and protecting the child-like boy Onimaro from evil forces. Can Mai and Ai carry out their mission in life and retain their chastity at the same time?

Twisted Tales of Tokyo

Twisted Tales of TokyoGenres:
Bondage, Rape, School,

Description: First, Wicked Trio, a 3-part erotic omnibus, takes a peek at an illicit affair, a fantasy world of very wild creatures, and a hedonistic S&M love triangle! Contains The Affair, Lust in Space, and S’extra Credit. Then, The Naughty Professor will teach you a lesson you’ll never forget! Momone seems to be a model college professor, but beneath her goody-goody façade hides a repressed masochist! And one of her college students knows exactly what she wants…

Two Facials of Eve

Two Facials of EveGenres:
Rape, Incest,

Description: Keiichi Hayama always dreamed about hot sex with his childhood sweetheart, but one day she transformed in his dream into a mysterious beauty with perfect breasts and a seductive eyes. The next afternoon, Keiichi came back from school to find that very same woman masturbating in his room! His mother introduces her as Reika. Since her parents died in a car accident, Reika has been taken in by Keiichi`s family. But Keiichi knows there`s some dark truth behind this woman, and he has a hunch his prophetic dream wasn`t a dream at all.

Unsweet: Netorare Ochita Onna-tachi

Unsweet: Netorare Ochita Onna-tachiGenres:
BigBreasts, School, Teacher, Rape,

Description: A story about a teacher and her student.

Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb

Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon WombGenres:
Romance, Rape, Yuri, Orgy, Demons, Monsters, Action, Supernatural, Tentacles, Comedy,

Description: During World War 2, the Nazis attempted to breach the barriers between the three worlds. They failed then, but a Dr. Myunihausen (Munchausen?) tries again, through the manipulation of Nagumo's brother Takeaki. His goal? To have the Chojin replaced. As Takeaki is injured in the approaching flight, Nagumo donates some of his blood to save his life, thus infusing Takeaki with the powers of the overfiend. And the results might be too much for Tokyo, perhaps even the overfiend himself, to bear.

Urotsukidoji III: Return of the Overfiend

Urotsukidoji III: Return of the OverfiendGenres:
Romance, Rape, Yuri, Orgy, Demons, Monsters, Action, Supernatural, Tentacles, Comedy,

Description: Twenty-five years ago, the world was annihilated. With the coming of the Overfiend, God of all Gods, the human, demon, and beast realms collapsed together in chaos. With the promise that he would be born in 100 years to re-create his failed world, the Overfiend settled back to sleep within his mother`s womb. But something has gone terribly wrong� Now the Overfiend is born prematurely and awaits the coming of his natural the enemy, the Lord of Chaos. His only hope for survival are Amano Jyaku and his sister Megumi. But destiny has moved in ways that even the Overfiend could never predict, as a new race of half-breed demon beasts has evolved. As Amano travels to the kingdom of Azuma to investigate the appearance of the Lord of Chaos, he is swept up in the world-conquering schemes of Caesar, Azuma`s dictator. Against the backdrop of a demon beast slave revolt and the return of the diabolical Munhihausen, only Amano and the demon beast Buju can save the world from another fiery destruction. With the fate of the earth and its inhabitants hanging in the balance, all wait to see what the coming of the Lord of Chaos will bring...

Urotsukidoji IV: Inferno Road

Urotsukidoji IV: Inferno RoadGenres:
Romance, Rape, Yuri, Orgy, Demons, Monsters, Action, Supernatural, Tentacles, Comedy,

Description: Directly following the conclusion of Urotsukidoji III, the survivors of the Azuma kingdom genocide travel aboard a futuristic tank with Osaka as the destination. There, they plan to face both the Overfiend and their own fates as well. Along they way, the stumble upon a civilization beyond imagination, where children cruely rule over the adults. It is up to Amano Jyaku to save his friends from this sinister land and its evil ruler, Ellis. Shortly after their encounter, Sui Kaka Ju�s sister Yoenhime summons Munhihausen, who transforms her into the menacing Yoenki. At last, she is strong enough to reap revenge on Amano for killing her brother. But Munhihausen has his own hidden agendas. The Urotsukidoji legend will finally reach its climax in Osaka, when Kiojo, the sweet and innocent Himi, and the Chojin meet face to face.

Urotsukidoji V: The Final Chapter

Urotsukidoji V: The Final ChapterGenres:
Romance, Rape, Yuri, Orgy, Demons, Monsters, Action, Supernatural, Tentacles, Comedy,

Description: Only one episode of this was partially completed, the released version containing numerous examples of animation that is missing in-between frames. The story as such concerned the arrival of the real Chojin as he/she (a hermaphrodite) makes moves to wipe out all life on Earth. Interestingly, the setup for the show was far more heavily connected with the first two, more popular, chapters in the Urotsukidoji saga, with appearances by Nagumo and Akemi (unseen since the early episodes of Part III), and redesigned character models that more closely resembled the earlier episodes. Some of the less popular characters introduced in chapters III and IV, particularly Buju, were nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, such strategies did little to get this final saga off the ground and the story was shelved.

Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend

Urotsukidoji: Legend of the OverfiendGenres:
Romance, Rape, Yuri, Orgy, Demons, Monsters, Action, Supernatural, Tentacles, Comedy,

Description: Legend has it that the human race is not the only dominant civilization living on Earth. Two other races exist in this world: the Makai (a demon race) and the Juujinkai (a half-man, half-beast race). Once every 3,000 years, a supreme being known as the "Choujin" (Overfiend) will emerge and bring balance to all three realms on Earth. In present-day Japan, after 300 years of endless searching, a Jujinkai named Amano Jyaku has discovered the presence of the Choujin inside high school slacker Tatsuo Nagumo. But now, Amano "along with his sister Megumi and their sidekick Kuroko" must protect Nagumo and his new girlfriend Akemi Ito from the Makai, who believe that Nagumo is not the Choujin, but an evil entity bent on destroying all living beings on Earth.

Urotsukidoji: New Saga

Urotsukidoji: New SagaGenres:
Horror, Supernatural, Tentacles, Rape, Monsters, Demons, Action, Magic,

Description: "The Urotsuki", will return the story to the school setting of the original series. Every few thousand years, the realms of humans, demons and man-beasts are united by the Chojin. On the day before he is scheduled to be executed in the man-beast realm, Amano Jyaku is sent to the demon realm to investigate the truth of the legend of the Chojin. While Amano's spending a pleasurable time with the queen of the demon realm, an accident causes the demon and human realms to converge. Amano takes responsibility to travel to the human realm to destroy the demons who have escaped and to search for the Chojin. 300 years pass without any sign of the Chojin.

Variable Geo Neo

Variable Geo NeoGenres:
Action, Bondage, MartialArts, Rape, Waitress,

Description: "V.G. Neo " is a legendary battle that has been held over several decades to find the strongest waitress. Asuka Yuu arranges with her brother-in-law to live with him and work in his cafe. Suddenly, the enormous debt she owes to her brother-in-law becomes too costly. In order to repay the money, she joins the "Virgin Goodness League" which is a battle of waitresses set on one of the most enormous luxury liners in the world. An unknown sponsor promises enormous prizes for victory, but the loser will have to bear the ultimate humiliation. The maidens who will change fate cannot lose these one on one matches or they will suffer the consequences.


Rape, Bondage,

Description: Angela, a beautiful young woman, is trapped in a loveless existence. Hate is the only word to describe her feelings for her cold blooded father who forces himself on the family maid, Bridget. However, along with her budding adolescence, she finds lust and love in John, the butler. How far will she go to keep her love from John in this shocking first episode filled with lust, jealousy, and murder

Viper GTS

Viper GTSGenres:
Demons, BigBreasts, Tentacles, Bondage, Futanari, Orgy, Rape,

Description: Carrera is a female demon whose job is to create a wish granting contract with a human being in exchange for their soul. Along with her partners/rivals Mercedes and Rati, they carry out this job for the benefit of the demon world. When Carrera is summoned by the nerdy Ogawa, she finds him to be more interesting than her previous clients and develops a crush. Mercedes tries to get involved with Ogawa also to compete with Carrera. However, the female angels are upset by this disturbance and are willing to purify the demons with their precious �holy water� to save Ogawa�s soul.

Virgin Auction

Virgin AuctionGenres:
Drama, Rape, Yuri, Uncensored,

Description: �Virgin Auctions� do exactly that�instead of selling girls as slaves, girls sell their virginity and the organization behind the auctions receives a fee. Gin, Umi and Yukina have their very personal motives for taking part and are taken care of by Shirohebi and Rongai, a softcore SM couple in charge of newcomers, prior to the auction. Due to Shirohebi�s influence, each girl handles her situation differently and eventually takes control of her life.

Voyeur's Digest

Voyeur's DigestGenres:
Delinquents, Gangbang, Rape, Yuri,

Description: The written word is a powerful tool... something Mikimoto knows all too well. Talented and devious, Mikimoto has everything it takes to make a top-rated journalist, but what would a journalist be without a good scandal to write about? Developing his own personal underground newspaper, Mikimoto carefully plants the seeds of anger and wanton lust within his male classmates - all aimed towards just one person: the voluptuous Nanase. When his classmates finally go after her to punish her for all of her "sins," Mikimoto silently records every depraved moment. As notoriety of the newspaper spreads, more and more girls are falling prey to the perverse desires of those influenced by it. Even Mikimoto is finding it harder and harder to resist his own dark desires towards one specific full-bosomed beauty, Madoka. Will this master manipulator ultimately fall prey to his own writing talents?

Waisetsu Missile The Animation

Waisetsu Missile The AnimationGenres:
BigBreasts, Gang, Bang, Rape, Anal,

Description: Based on the adult manga by Taropun.

Wana: Hakudaku Mamire no Houkago

Wana: Hakudaku Mamire no HoukagoGenres:
BigBreasts, Orgy, Rape, Romance,

Description: Raika�s brother died suddenly. She changed to her brother�s school (all-boy school), so she could to find why he committed suicide. Someone interferes with her and discovers her identity leading closer to the truth behind her brother�s death.

Wanna. SpartanSex Spermax!!!

Wanna. SpartanSex Spermax!!!Genres:
Rape, Domination, Humiliation, BigBreasts, Group,

Description: Nagisa goes undercover as a male student in an attempt to find her onee-san... but finding him is the least of her troubles.

Warau Kangofu The Animation

Warau Kangofu The AnimationGenres:
Loli, Nurses, Rape, Bukkake, Incest,

Description: In a hospital, resides a nurse who chooses to have fun with a patient and even drags this patients childhood friend into their event. In a home, resides a brother who eventually sees his sister playing with herself as she watches adult movies which eventually drags them into incest. And in another home resides a woman and a girl who cant keep their urges hidden from a friend.

Welcome to Pia Carrot 2

Welcome to Pia Carrot 2Genres:
Comedy, Romance, SliceofLife, Harem, Rape,

Description: Yusuke (from the first Pia Carrot series) returns as the manager with a whole new cast. So the new male lead is Maeda Koji. Despite being late after an "accident," Koji manages to get the job as the Carrot's waiter because he's very persistent. Included within the set are Azusa (the female lead who hates Koji for his perversion), Ryoko (the manager who's sweet on Koji by working him very hard), Aoi (the token alcoholic), Jun (the secret-hiding waitor), and Mina (Azusa's cute little sister). Pia Carrot 2 is served up as a romantic comedy, with a side of hentai.

Words Worth

Words WorthGenres:
Adventure, Demons, Fantasy, Magic, Rape, Supernatural,

Description: The legend has survived for generation. The Words Worth tablet, which will unlock the secrets of the Universe for the one who can decipher it, has been shattered. The warring tribes of Light and Shadow blame each other, and their accusations lead to all out war! Astral, the undisciplined heir to the throne of the Shadow Forces, lusts for his bride-to-be, Sharon. But Sharon, an accomplished warrior herself, feels her body drawn toward Caesar, the Shadow Tribe`s bravest swordsman. Sharon battles alongside Caesar during an assault by the Light Forces, and her ferocious beauty captivates Sir Fabris, the leader of the Tribe of Light. Fabris` army loses the battle, but he vows that he will one day get Sharon into his bed, the hard way, if necessary. Meanwhile, Astral takes his sexual frustrations out on Maria, a Light Tribe sorceress who has been taken captive. As Astral penetrates Maria, Sir Fabris prepares to launch a penetration of his own: a full-scale attack on the Tribe of Shadow!

Words Worth Gaiden

Words Worth GaidenGenres:
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Rape,

Description: The skill of sword-fighting is known to two tribes, the Tribes of Light (which consists of humans living on the world�s surface) and Shadow (mostly part humans, part animals or monsters living in an underground city, who also seem to age at half the normal speed of the Light tribe). The two tribes lived in peace and harmony, their domains separated by the �Words Worth� tablet�a huge monolith slab erected by a guardian spirit. Although the tablet has writing on it, neither Tribe can read the text. One day, Words Worth was mysteriously destroyed by an unknown entity; its component parts scattered among the domain of the Tribes of Shadow. The two Tribes blamed each other for the tablet�s destruction, and started a war that has been on-going for 100 years.Astral, prince of the Tribe of Shadow, desires to become a Swordsman of Shadow but his father, King Wortoshika, forbids him to do so. He is engaged to Sharon, a beautiful swordswoman who generally like Astral but wishes he was stronger.

Xpress Train

Xpress TrainGenres:
Comedy, SliceofLife, Rape, Chikan, Grope,

Description: You're in for a wild ride when you share the bullet train with Kazuo, the master molester! His roving hands pleasure countless lovely strangers in the close confines of a carnal commute. But the master meets his match in Reiko, a woman who shares his love of groping her fellow passengers. Together, they're on an express ride to ecstasy in this erotic travelogue of lust!

Xtra Credit

Xtra CreditGenres:
School, Teacher, Rape, Domination,

Description: A new teacher, Hara Miyuki, has trouble with delinquent students sabotaging her class. She consults another teacher, Ito Keiko, about the matter. Keiko offers to talk about it over a drink together, yet this turns out to be just the beginning of Miyuki�s nightmare.

Yabai! Fukushuu Yami Site

Yabai! Fukushuu Yami SiteGenres:
Rape, Domination,

Description: Based on the erotic game by Waffle.

Yakata: Kannou Kitan

Yakata: Kannou KitanGenres:
Maids, BigBreasts, Rape,

Description: A mysterious man is sent to teach a wealthy heiress and her two beautiful daughters the ways of carnal pleasure. Together with his trusty maid, he will make these sexy women scream in ecstasy again and again.

Yokorenbo: Immoral Mother

Yokorenbo: Immoral MotherGenres:
Domination, Incest, Rape, BigBreasts,

Description: unko lost her husband about ten years ago and she has been bringing up Ryouichi, her son, alone since then. One day, when he is asleep, she secretly gives him a blowjob and has sex with him. Two years later, she gets remarried... One night, he accidentally sees Junko and his new father having sex. He remembers what happened two years ago and feels an irresistible impulse to get her back...

Yume Kui: Tsurumiku Shiki Game Seisaku

Yume Kui: Tsurumiku Shiki Game SeisakuGenres:
Incest, Rape, Group, Yuri, Office,

Description: The staff members of a certain hentai producing company get personally involved in their work. Perhaps a little too involved as some some male staffers begin to cross the line between fiction and reality.

Zecchou Rocket

Zecchou RocketGenres:
BigBreasts, Rape, Gangbang, Anal, Group,

Description: Based on an adult manga by Taropun.

Zero Sum Game

Zero Sum GameGenres:
Rape, Yaoi, Group,

Description: Yuuka�s boyfriend/husband has a brother in the band �Zero Sum� as the lead singer. After a request, she and her husband Yazaki got tickets to go backstage at a concert. However afterwards, all the band members, except Keith the leader, kidnapped her and raped her on the roof top all as a scheme by Keith who is madly in love with his brother. Now she can�t forget nor can she get away.