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About Us

-About HentaiRush-

HentaiRush isn’t run by multiple people. HentaiRush is run by 2 people, who both share an interest in Hentai Anime, and both want to share it with the rest of the internet.

Founded on October 29, 2014, HentaiRush is aiming to be one of the largest Hentai streaming websites on the internet. With one of the largest collections of Hentai Anime on the internet (over 900 entire Hentai Anime series, and 2,500 entire Hentai Anime movies!) – HentaiRush has no plans on stopping until we make our way to the top!

HentaiRush will make certain to have multiple video sources, both available in .MP4 (for phone and tablet users), and in high quality (for you old desktop users!) HentaiRush offers mainly English subtitled Hentai Anime, although we do have plans to include both English dubbed Hentai Anime, 3D Hentai Anime, and Hentai Anime Downloads, but like anything, there is sure to be the cheap Adderall occasional video missing its subtitles. HentaiRush’s staff will do everything within our power to locate, encode, and further replace any broken or un-subtitled videos users may find.

Not only does HentaiRush have an absolutely HUGE, AMAZING collection of (literally, every) Hentai Anime you can find online, but we’re also fast in our releases, and are always up-to-date!

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